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½ February 14, 2014
Compelling, emotional, and genuine, Girlfriend is a realistic and moving film with fantastic direction and an excellent performance from newcomer Evan Sneider.
½ July 19, 2013
Want to like this movie as it has many dramatic and "real" elements about how difficult life can be. But perhaps it's just too much: man with Down's lives with mother until she dies. He's well-known around town, so he can pretty much make it by himself after. But he doesn't know enough to deal with the dramatic situation with the girl he claims to love.

Her whole situation is a little stinky. Undoubtedly, there are girls in that situation. Lots of them. But do they all befriend the Down's guy, etc etc? I guess that's where the movie comes in. A "what if..." situation. But it's just a little over the top with the ex.

Finally, only has nine reviews on rotten tomatoes, so it's not like it's a hugely popular film. But the ending does raise some eyebrows, and evidently something else with the protagonist Evan. Really, the final 15 minutes are fairly lame and seemingly unnecessary, but it's really the final few seconds that leave you that really the best way to end this movie? It seems like they wanted the viewer to be happy. I'm not sure that was the way to go about it.
½ June 29, 2013
I can't comment without going to hell !!
½ November 15, 2012
a wonderful heart warming movie that i think everyone should have to watch a least once
October 30, 2012
While it doesn't miss many cliches of small-town, working-class, going-nowhere life, it is a modest, uneven example of regional American independent film with tremendous heart.
½ October 6, 2012
Another Down Syndrome movie
½ October 2, 2012
Great Movie, the fact that Evan Sneider actually has down syndrome in real life makes this movie even more inspiring, I think its great that he could take part in this movie, All of them were brilliant actors..
Shannon Woodward is also one of the most beautiful actresses I've seen, she suits the name Candy in the movie because she is "Eye Candy".
The Problems with this movie.. The only likeable/decent character's in this movie were Evan, Evans Mom and Candy's son. The rest of them treated Evan like he was an outcast for the Entire Movie. Even though Candy seemed nice, she obviously came across as someone who felt like she was worth more than him and it honestly made the movie seem on edge the whole time...
The Ending Was OK, But turning the camera towards the lake was kind of an insult... (If you watch the movie, you might understand what I mean) The Movie is Worth Watching Though, Better than I thought it was going to be.
September 28, 2012
the movie had a chance to be good at the end but then the camera man was fucking high or something and the camera panned off into the wrong direction on the one scene i was waiting for for the entire movie
September 28, 2012
Starts out sad and realistic. Though it moves into standard territory, it never loses heart. Good,solid parable for unrequitted love.
August 19, 2012
One thing I will say is this movie had me hyped up yelling a characters about their terrible life choices. It brought out some serious emotion in me. It's just the technical aspects of it that leave something to be desired.

Weird camera angles and a plethora of silence are my main complaints.
August 14, 2012
A film that will tug at your heart and takes you into a world that few of us have experienced. A great reminder of how the problems we face are all relative to the problems faced by others. Yet you leave feeling better after seeing this great film.
August 9, 2012
wonderful movie with great actors
February 17, 2012
I saw Girlfriend at the Woods Hole Film Festival last week . The best movie of the year. You can't help falling in love with Evan Sneider . He is so amazing as a young man who wants a love affair with the girl of his dreams, Candy. Jackson Rathbone does a great job portraying Russ Candy's abusive ex. Maybe I was supposed to hate him, but I didn't - I felt sympathy for him and the mess is life is in. Candy I was less sympathetic towards - she seemed to take the easy way out to her problems not caring who she hurt. She does come to recognize this in herself and wants to change it. What I love is the message to those who may not have realized before the seeing this film- we should not judge others on what we perceive to be their disadvantages - most of us need love and have the same desires regardless of our differences.
November 9, 2011
Wonderful story. Highly recommended!
½ October 5, 2011
I had the privledge of not only seeing this film, but having worked on it as an extra. A majority of the movie was filmed in my old neighborhood in Wayland. This is truly a wonderful story. Newcomer Evan Sneider is amazing in the lead role of Evan. His performance allows the viewer to have a connection with him. His performance is the strongest performance of the film as it is his story. We've all seen the boy gets the girl story, but this one is different. This one is a more powerful story. Jackson Rathbone is nicely cast as Russ, Candy's volatile ex-boyfriend. He brilliantly plays the peformance as the villian and manipulator of Evan, as he tries to get Evan to find out who else Candy has been with since him. Also Russ tries to set Evan up to fail as he recommends that Evan smack Candy around when they get intimate. Truly an emotional film, with wonderful scenery of Wayland and a captivating performance by Evan Sneider makes this movie a film worth seeing and worth seeing again.
September 28, 2011
i am not comfortable with a plot like this and also i think its been not done that good too.
August 10, 2011
It is important initially to acknowledge the overarching beauty of this movie. Every scene was rich, textured and beautiful. The incorporation of the natural lushness of the surroundings seemed to accent Evan's innocent and naive approach to his circumstances. The grey/brown weight of the buildings and less admirable characters highlighted the isolated and hopeless feeling pervasive in a society where people are unable to improve their lives to any significant level. While the depth of each character was evident in the supporting performances, Evan Sneider, in the pivotal lead role was flawless and compelling. The film is an honest and arresting look at some of the most basic drives people have. Also worth mention is the soundtrack of the movie which, while not intrusive, is incredibly expressive and truly touches important emotional moments in the film.
August 1, 2011
Awesome movie! Emotional and inspirational!
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