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Girls Just Want to Have Fun Quotes

  • Lynne Stone: My name's Lynne Stone.
    Janey Glenn: Hi.
    Lynne Stone: But I'm gonna change it as soon as I'm old enough.

  • Janey Glenn: He's just uh! You know. I mean, uh!
    Lynne Stone: Is he gonna call you tomorrow?
    Janey Glenn: Yeah, I think so.

  • Lynne Stone: Whenever I'm in a room with a guy, no matter who it is - a date my dentist, anybody - I think, if we were the last two people on earth, would I puke if he kissed me?

  • Natalie Sands: This... means... *war*.

  • Natalie Sands: My shrink is right - I'm unloved, unappreciated, I only have one car...

  • Janey Glenn: Jonathan and Lisa are definitely my favorite couple. You know his birthday is the same as mine almost.

  • Janey Glenn: Woo!

  • Janey Glenn: This is really embarrassing.

  • Jeff Malene: So where you were last night? I waited out there for an hour and a half!
    Janey Glenn: Well, I tried to tell you that I couldn't go, but you hung up too fast.

  • DTV Host: Live from Chicago: America's number one dance show, Dance TV, is on the air!

  • Lynne Stone: You know what's better than getting mad? Getting even.

  • Lynne Stone: Eat flame, Bozo!

  • Tailor: You move, you bleed...

  • Lynne Stone: He's a boy and he's alive, what's there to hate?

  • Janey Glenn: If I win I'm gonna be on TV alright?
    Col. Glenn: Negative!

  • Janey Glenn: Do you have a date or something?
    Lynne Stone: No, I wish, I just know I must be horny.

  • Sister Immaculata: Stay away from him, he's a boy!

  • Maggie Malene: Sorry, I needed the phone.
    Jeff Malene: Why, the cabbage patch mothers are having a PTA meeting?

  • Lynne Stone: Velcro. Next to the Walkman and tab it is the coolest invention of the twentieth century!

  • Janey Glenn: Is it safe?
    Drew: It's the safest thing you'll ever have between your legs.
    Janey Glenn: What?
    Drew: Nothing!
    Jeff Malene: Nothing!

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