Girls Just Want to Have Fun Reviews

May 14, 2008
We all know a movie like this isn't appealing to anyone beside the folks who grew up during that time. And even they will be compelled to cringe at its mention...
May 6, 2008
It's a total wannabe in the realm of 80s teen flicks.
August 25, 2005
July 21, 2005
August 5, 2004
Sarah Jessica Parker's embarrassing contribution to that much-studied genre known as the "'80s teen movie"
June 4, 2003
Metter's "Girls" may just want to have fun but for the rest of us this concept is just wishful thinking.
November 27, 2002
July 25, 2002
If you're going to base a movie on a song, why not choose a song that's, y'know, about something?