Gitmo Reviews

July 7, 2006
It's upsetting, intriguing and somehow incomplete.
July 7, 2006
Resembles a collage more than a iron-clad essay, and its strength comes in set-pieces.
September 26, 2007
The banality of evil meets moronic zeal in this chillingly macabre Guantanamo expose`.
May 4, 2007
The banality of evil meets moronic zeal.
December 20, 2006
Even if the whole doesn't click as tightly as it should, the individual pieces shock enough on their own.
August 12, 2006
For such an important subject; it's too bad this documentary isn't more rock-solid
July 7, 2006
Though not flashy or 'big,' GITMO is a stark, blunt, powerful indictment.