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August 9, 2015
This was a masterpiece to say the least. The main thread of this movie is to make it to Spain to be at their mother's funeral, but what happens on the way there is what shapes these two young men. Dialogue comes second to observation and expression. I realized towards the end that the twins had something that is rare to find in actors and in people, an air of mystery and unspoken word. If I'm being honest I initially watched this because I thought this was going to center around forbidden love and all of the fabrics that make a family and also break them. But to my surprise this film let life play out, let emotions and thoughts and the present of youth dominate the screen. This made the film a time capsule of innocence, maturity (in the most fascinating way), and nostalgia. I don't think I'll ever forget this movie, and I plan on making a poster out of it when I go back to the dorms. Thank you Pascal-Alex Vincent for this wonderful film.
½ January 7, 2014
Ethereal French road movie about 2 twins travelling through France to Spain by any means necessary to get to the funeral of the mother they have never met.
It's basically a tale of a fraternal relationship. There isn't much story. The journey is punctuated with sexual encounters and some rather physical fights between the two brothers.
There is a character arc here...kind of, but it is clumsily done. It's very well shot, but there isn't anything memorable and the end of the film is an inelegant finish.
½ September 23, 2012
Beautifully rendered feature with the cinematic sensibilities of a short: spare, wistful and specific. Deceptively thoughtful and very well done.
½ August 25, 2012
Beautifully shot exploration of brotherhood and intimacy
April 8, 2012
Un viaje de Francia a Espana que toma dimensiones jamas imaginadas por dos hermanos gemelos que no tienen dinero para hacerlo pero deben ir al velorio de su madre. Un road trip contemplativo, al estilo de David Lynch en "The Straight Story", con personajes secundarios que dan coherencia a la trama y un poco de emocion, donde hasta el sexo funciona como moneda de cambio y como detonador de una separacion de los hermanos. Vale la pena por concreta (apenas llega a la hora con 15 minutos) ya que no necesita mas imagenes, ni dialogos para darse a entender. (texto intencionalmente sin acentos).
½ October 14, 2011
Remarkable, Powerfully performed!! This is a breathtaking duo.
½ August 8, 2011
Hmm. So sad and so beautiful.
½ August 8, 2011
A travel movie with minor gay interests that tries way, way too hard to be arty. You can tell from the camera angles, the music, everything really that the director's trying to be meaningful and dark. Unfortunately this makes the film boring and a chore to watch.
July 25, 2011
Jajajaja estos franceces son muy raros y aqui doblemente porque son gemelos. Todo el viaje esta lleno de situaciones raras y descubrimientos (adornados con alguna bonita fotografia) pero al final no se concreta nada, ni siquiera se llega a estrechar los lazos entre ellos. Cada uno es como el peor enemigo del otro pero aun asi no se pueden separar algo mas fuerte los une. El funeral de la mama al final ni juega ningun papel en la trama. Seria mejor definir mejor la historia.
½ July 8, 2011
Something interesting smolders here, unfortunately at the same low intensity throughout and never caught fire. The young mens' expressions seen on the movie poster, is the same through most of the movie. It is intriguing how the actor's staid faces express different things but the illusion became boring well before the final act. Love-Hate relationships, competition of equals and struggle for independence are compelling themes. This film is lovely exhibition and sparse dialogue which can make great film. Terrence Malick and Gus Van Sant use it well and Marco Berger's wonderful Plan B employs it adeptly.
I was unable to make connections from the imagery and nuanced dialogue is missing. Characters and sex are used as plot devices senselessly and abruptly entering then exiting the story. A clever animated opening is employed, yet events through the second act seem disconnected from the intent of the first. Although the film is not about sexuality, it's a plot device. There is an interesting use of alternative sexuality. During that scene, one brother spies the other in a same sex encounter which is the most romantic tryst of the film. The outcome is unclear, is the spying brother jealous, angry, confused? It's not clear. None the less, he's not well about it and the intent of the stunt he pulls is not clear. Is it revenge, punishment, a cruel joke or the stated intention at face value? It's cruel and seems unlikely as does the entire third act of the film until the final scenes. Visually the movie is luscious; scenes are artistically framed and the camera loved the two leads and the countryside used. I don't mind a slow pace as long as the story is propelled forward in a way that interests me. If only this story had clearer intent and nuance in tone. I would say the film is lovely and intriguing, but uninteresting and monotonous. Still there's a lot of talent here.
June 21, 2011
"Two kids from a garden" as the chanson is telling us, sung by the remarkable Colette Magny (1963), are set to go into the world on a sentimental and mysterious journey in hopes to be at their mother's funeral, mother they never knew. The mixed and surprising characters they come across and interact with are absolutely fantastic.

Antoine and Quentin the handsome twins could not look more alike and be as different as day and night. They are used to people come and go into their lives bringing joy and pain. "Where are you going?" one of the twins asked, but there was no answer, she just kept walking away, it was the natural thing to do.

Life is a bunch of chances, "Que Sera, Sera" (Whatever Will Be, Will Be) and we are riding along this amazingly written, directed and acted independent film. The images are beautiful the soundtrack is hunting and the very close brothers are astounding. You don't want them to hurt each other or be separated, but they do and we care. They communicate through feelings and deep emotions, they sense each other even if they are not together. I wanted the film to keep going and going, to go across the universe and back, I would have never gotten tired riding along.
April 15, 2011
Stunning imagery but felt airy, yet actually is a good picture and is, overlooked and understated by critics. Few moments are either mediocre or unconvincing, though all - in - all there's quite a concrete backdrop, if it had picked - up a sustainable exponential pace and re - run few details(the wounds, fainting, drowning, etc.), it would have been more compelling. The acting quality was ranging back and forth, often. Gestures, emptiness of words(that further emphasized the unspoken tension), and simple symbolism(trees) gave the film an eccentric taste and griping urge from the audience to stay interested and sense the intricately twisted connection between the twins while seeing the differences that's ripping them apart. Added to that, the twins are adorable and fits their role perfectly. Still, could be reduced to half it's time and arrive to this conclusion, it lacks general dynamics, the condensed entity of this movie is way too small, although it's a very appealing journey.
November 26, 2010
Bit dodgy - moment of development 37:18 minutes in...
November 5, 2010
Un road-movie touchant mettant en scène une relation sensible entre deux frères jumeaux.
September 11, 2010
this movie was interesting. Not much dialogue and all you see is the twin brothers walking and hitching rides. One of the brothers has sex with a guy so that's the only "real" highlight of this movie. The other brother watches in the bushes, pissed. He then storms off! So what does he later do? Lets an older guy have sex with his brother if he pays. Then storms off and ditches his brother! I mean really! The 2 minute or so cartoon of the two brothers running at the beginning of the movie was pretty cool. It wasn't as good as expected (this movie, I mean.)
July 4, 2010
a little plotless but still gorgeous!
July 2, 2010
Not to the taste of most Americans, this is a beautifully filmed contemplation on the nature of brotherhood and the effect of discovered secrets in the relationship of a pair of twins on a road trip to attend the funeral of the mother they've never known. The boys clearly feel strongly for each other but have trouble dealing with some of the events that occur on the road to Spain.
June 21, 2010
Cute French film about identical twins who, although having shared the same journey for most of their lives, discover ( on the way to their absent mothers funeral) that their future paths are quite different. The film explores their battles with eachother as well as their love for eachother sensitively, but tries too hard to be 'arthouse' in parts. Pleasant enough though.
½ May 9, 2010
An french flick, (damn those subtitles) about two twin brothers on there way to there mothers funeral.. They travel mostly by walking and get rides from strangers. The brothers do great work in acting out there hatred and love for each other, which I suppose was a little easier seeing as they are brothers in real life. so brother on the right with the blue shirt, is all up in a few girls faces, getting all freaky with it. the brother with the jacket participates once, but then they stop on a farm to work for a few days, to get some cash for the remainder of there journey. While there, there is another farm hand, that seems to have taken a liking to tan jacket brother. well they take a walk, a playful swim, and then.. welll you see some bare ass. in the mean time, bro with blue shirt, watches from a distance and then walks off, pretty pissed an shocked. ... the next day bro a hitching a ride out of town, other bro catches up hopes on trailer and off they go, leaving farmhand boy standing, staring trying to figure out why the tan bro is leaving... sad.. So basically there is it... yes they make it to moms funeral.. fight, then one of the brothers walks off, end scene.. what? are you fucking crazy, why is there no resolution there? why is there no talk about the other brother being gay? could have been so much better... for the ending alone, knocking the rating down a half star for the ending.
May 5, 2010
Looks interesting enough.
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