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February 21, 2002
The Gleaners and I is a film well worth finding.
December 17, 2001
Charged with the pleasure of discovery.
August 2, 2001
The Gleaners and I is an exceptional, accomplished documentary that serves as a striking example of 'found cinema.'
June 27, 2001
For the most part, Varda's home movie is a simple and sweet thing.
June 11, 2001
[I]t not only informs and educates, it enlightens, and does all this with a supreme enchantment and poetry.
June 11, 2001
It not only informs and educates, it enlightens, and does all this with supreme enchantment and poetry.
June 11, 2001
Varda's subject matter is surprisingly rich, but it's her own energetic, curious nature that gives the film its snap.
May 23, 2001
A funny sequence gets as many interpretations of the law that governs the gleaning around oyster beds as people providing them.
May 15, 2001
You couldn't ask more loving and sensitive illumination of an activity more often considered demeaning.
May 12, 2001
In its frames, we see [Varda's] empathy, skill, curiosity, wit, poetry and passion for life: everything she has gleaned from a lifetime of love and movies.
May 12, 2001
[The] characters are defined by dawdle and drift as much as Varda is in The Gleaners and I, catching life on the fly -- and implicitly inviting us to do the same.
May 11, 2001
And in what appears to be a documentary [Varda] conceals a tender meditation about her own life, and life itself.
April 20, 2001
At once a deceptively simple and vibrantly exciting achievement.
April 4, 2001
Gathering these various gleaners into the pastiche that is her film, Varda preserves them, gives them new form, and therefore new life.
April 4, 2001
Urgent, graceful, accessible and at times openly cheerful -- it takes a big bite out of life.
April 4, 2001
The film is studded with found metaphors and serendipitous insights.
April 4, 2001
A superb example of the genre of the self-expressive documentary.
March 7, 2001
An elliptically subtle and beautifully evocative portrait of how one man's trash becomes another man's treasure.
May 1, 2000
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