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March 13, 2014
I really don't care what anyone says. I love this movie. I thought the storyline was great, Mariah's acting skills are excellent and the best part about the movie is her vocals. The soundtrack is epic.
February 9, 2014
Best movie ever!!!! Changed my life. Billie and Dice 4eva <3 - xoxo. Gossip Girl
January 14, 2014
love this movie sad nobody has it anymore
December 19, 2013
this is my favourite movie of all time
August 21, 2013
Don't get me wrong, I love Mariah Carey, but this film is an unintenionally funny mess.
August 13, 2013
Not as bad as everyone says. It isn't good, though.
½ August 3, 2013
This is the 11th film I reviewed and the first to literally give me a headache. A lot of the critics who have reviewed this film use the word Cliché a lot and understandably so. "Glitter" is not only formulaic, but also has horrible acting and dreadful writing. So.. let's dive into this worthless excuse for a film. I think it's necessary to take your headache medicine first before you go on reading this review.

The story in "Glitter" is very simple. A singer named Billie Frank (Mariah Carey) is trying to make it in the music industry with the help of her dumb ass boyfriend named Julian Dice (Max Beesley) and some support from her equally annoying friends. And.... that's it. Billie faces no real obstacles or challenges to get to her goal. All she does is get into these pointless arguments with her producer and boyfriend Dice. Also I need to mention Julian Dice is probably one of the most annoying and idiotic characters I ever seen. To put it simply, he himself is a clichéd and stereotypical idiot. He starts out very supportive of Billie, but as soon as she starts getting famous (what a shock) he starts to get really jealous. This is of course following that stereotypical story formula of the boyfriend not being really famous and somehow his girlfriend gets all the attention. If that weren't enough, Billie and Dice get into these pointless arguments that I really didn't care about. Simply because the both of them were acting more like children than adults. I won't go too much into Billie's friends Roxanne and Louise because they have no real point in the film besides being really lame comic relief.

Of course, the acting in this film is down right terrible, but sometimes has unintentional comedy. I mean whenever Mariah Carey tries to "act" serious, I started laughing. I laughed because I knew she wasn't really taking this role seriously. She was mainly playing herself and it clearly shows. Again, Max Beesley's character was horrible in every sense of the word. He's poorly acted and frankly whenever he was on screen I wanted to punch him in the face. I also found strange Terrence Howard was in this film, I mean I am not sure how great an actor he really is but surely he must be better than this.

Even though this film was nominated for 6 Razzie Awards, it only won one. Of course, Mariah Carey won Worst Actress. I do think the award is well deserved, but I really would've liked Max Beesley to have won Worst Supporting Actor. Not only was his character annoying and stupid to no end, but his acting was particularly bad here. I might even say this movie should've won Worst Picture, then again I haven't seen "Freddy Got Fingered".

To finally end this review, there is only one word to describe this film. It's the same word I used when I reviewed Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star... pointless. We all know what this film was, a vehicle for Mariah Carey to become an actress. Obviously, this vehicle ran out of gas very quickly. The film is clichéd, the acting is truly awful with unintentional comedy, the story has no surprises and there really is on direction or writing talent. Take my Advice, stay away from this picture. After reviewing this movie, I only have one question... why is this movie even called "Glitter"?
May 16, 2013
I first watched this when I was a little girl and really enjoyed this movie. I watched it again last night and didn't appreciate it the same as now I am much older. But I would definitley suggest it as a good 12 year old slumber party film with face-masks and popcorn. Not one for true movie fanatics such as myself, but will be a definite hit with pre-teens! Lovely little girlie film it is!
April 21, 2013
this is the perfect movie for me
March 30, 2013
Mariah Carey's venture into movies wasn't met with "Glitter" but more like "Boo's" and induced snoozes. A train wreck of epic proportions matched only by her then-recent breast implants. She should stop living in a 'fantasy' that she can act and stick to singing.
March 19, 2013
Hilariously bad and will haunt your dreams for days to come. Hahaha, slow-mo bullet time out of freakin' nowhere!
½ February 6, 2013
Astonishingly bad, even if you are a Mariah fan, which I am not. Avoid. You cannot get the time back.
January 15, 2013
It's not the best or worse film.
January 3, 2013
Glitter is a collection of a tired, dated storyline, bad dialogue, awkward performances and bad direction. Mariah Carey stars as Billie, in this rags to riches story who is discovered by a hunky JD(Max Beesley, who's Brooklyn accent faulters.)as she is a backup singer for Slyk(Padma Laksmi, who is a dead ringer for former Prince protege Apollonia.)as her star ascents, his declines(so A Star is Born.)directed by Vondie Curtis-Hall who uses too many flash cuts of New York streets it gets old fast, and what is suppposed to be dramatic and emotional comes across as superficial and laughable. Carey does what she can but no real actress can do justice to this film and it's shortcomings.
October 21, 2012
im afraid ill shoot myself with a shotgun...
October 20, 2012
This movie inspired me to do so many great things with my life and to do this deepite the struggles in life!
½ October 16, 2012
Mariah Carey is sexy but this movie is a turd
October 12, 2012
I think we know why musicals aren't getting made anymore. Because of titles like THIS!
½ September 29, 2012
It's incredibly hard to view 'Glitter' objectively given the facts that it was a huge Box Office bomb and that also the leading lady who was supposed to prove she was not only a singer but a an actor too, despite being mentally ill at its release. Now I'm not saying that this review is completely un-biased, after all, I'd been brought up on a healthy diet of Mariah Carey, but I did rent this movie a few weeks ago (it being not released to cinema) due to pure curiosity.

The multi-octave song-bird's film vehicle (originally titled 'All That Glitters... a much better name I think) opens with in the early 1960's, in an all-black bar with a woman (Valarie Pettiford) singing a jazz/blues number before introducing her young daughter, Billie Frank (Isobel Gomes), to the semi-interested audience and the two launch into a duet which wows the crowd. Cut to the next few shots where Billie's mother tries to get money from Billie's father, before giving her up to an adoption agency.

Fast-foward to the bright and bouncy 1980's where all-grown-up Billie (the aforementioned Carey) is dancing in a club with her two best friends Louise and Roxy (Da Brat and Tia Texada), who are soon offered as back-up singing gig for no-talent, good-looking up-and-comer Sylk. Needing the money, the 3 take the job, and the producer finds Mariah's... er... Billie's voice completely spellbinding - and chooses to use her voice instead of the God-awful voice that the main singer is belting out.

A recording of a song entitled "All My Life" is handed to a Club DJ - DJ Dice to be exact (British actor Max Beesley who puts on a 'wigga' accent - sometimes really good, other times really bad) who plays it and instantly falls in love with the vocals. Upon discovering that the vocal used is in fact Billie's he instantly wants to be her producer (of course her beautiful looks have nothing to do with it!). So, makes a deal with her old producer Timothy (Terrence Howard) to take the gorgeous Billie and her back-up singing, loud-mouthed friends and take them under his wing - for the reasonable (!) price of ONLY $100,000! So the Dice & Billie end up becoming good friends and record a song, "I Didn't Mean To Turn You On", and it is played for music executives, and before you can change the butt groove in your seat, Billie is signed to a major record label.

Of course, the road to musical superstardom is not an easy one and Billie has several troubles - the video director for her first single "Loverboy" wants her to parade around in nothing but a piece of string (Billie minds, Mariah wouldn't) and there's also the little problem of her undeniable attraction to Dice. The two become an item and she even moves into Dice's modern, typically New York apartment. Billie's first single unsurprisingly tops the U.S. chart - for ten weeks, at which point the record company are eager to release her first album which they want full control over - p***ing off both Billie and Dice.

Our star-crossed 80's lovers start fighting as her career begins to blossom. She's invited to all the right parties and invited to guest on all the right talk shows - a dream she's had for many years, but amist all of the amazing goings-on, her two best friends are seeing less and less of her and Dice is becoming a drag - she even has to bail him out of jail before an appearance on a show. The two have a massive fight, leading Billie to move out (and Girl Power-ly slap his face). Her attempts at tracking down her addicted biological mother fail as the adoption agency have lost contact with her. Also during this time, she records a single with pop singer Rafael (Halle Berry's musician hubby Eric Benét). The duet, titled "Want You" is another number one for Billie, and her biggest dream is about to come true - she's about to play at Madison Square Garden.

The day of the concert arrives and Billie returns to Dice's apartment to find him not there. Unfortunately Billie's day won't exactly go as planned - it seems, achieving your dreams sometimes means that you'll lose the ones you love. And with that, I won't go into the final minutes' in detail, but I'll just say that is very emotional.

So that's the story, but were the performances any good? Well yes and no. Mariah Carey (although despite what you've no doubt heard) is a promising actress. Her acting isn't brilliant (yet) - there are times when you feel she goes overboard (especially in the emotional bits). I've found that her most convincing scenes (and therefore best ones) are where she gets angry. Her stereotypical best friends are good too and add a needed comical element. Beesley as DJ Dice is good, although he sometimes seems very fake. Anyone else worth noticing is probably OK.

The soundtrack is brilliant. Carey's 9th studio album is a pop/r&b LP with great recordings. From the pumping 80's tracks (Last Night A DJ Saved My Life, Didn't Mean To Turn You On, All My Life) to the gorgeous Mariah-like ballads (Lead The Way, Reflections and especially Never Too Far) plus the Eric duet 'Want You' and the Ja Rule infected 'If We' - it's just as good as her previous efforts.

Overall, 'Glitter' IS a film that the troubled songbird should be proud of. It is a drama, though - and watch that, don't think it'll be laugh-a-minute. It's emotional, passionate and with Carey in the lead - it's one rollercoaster ride you'll like at the time and will leave you wanting more. Recommended definitely... Go Mariah!
September 29, 2012
Has it's moments, but fun to watch!
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