Go for Zucker! (Alles auf Zucker!) Reviews

August 4, 2006
A fine farce about discovering the meaning of 'family' under peculiar circumstances.
July 13, 2006
Zany Zucker proves that 'German comedy' is no oxymoron, and that the country can at last find humor in its cultural and religious divide.
April 6, 2006
A character-driven entertainment that stays just the right side of purely physical farce.
April 6, 2006
A diverting, mildly entertaining movie, far short of provoking the controversy (or hysterical laughter) it apparently prompted during its release in Germany.
March 25, 2006
Go for Zucker! has one comic trope our capitalist society can definitely understand: the restorative power of a cash bonanza.
March 3, 2006
Although Go for Zucker begins with the title character running, the movie just isn't up to speed.
February 9, 2006
German-made comedy is a rare enough export, but German-made Jewish comedy hasn't been seen abroad -- or in the Fatherland -- since the days of Adolf Hitler.
February 8, 2006
The jokes aren't always funny, but that they come at all out of contemporary Germany gives this obstreperous social comedy -- a huge hit back home -- a modern punch.
January 20, 2006
Go for Zucker was a smash back home, where it was hailed as the first German comedy about Jews since World War II. But it will take more than that to make American audiences laugh.
January 20, 2006
Go for Zucker has done well in its native country as the first postwar German-Jewish comedy, but its humor often seems so childish and meanspirited that you wonder what director and co-writer Dani Levy really had in mind.
January 20, 2006
Go for Zucker is far from a perfect film but it brings easy laughter and joy.
January 19, 2006
... the rare German movie calling itself a comedy that is actually funny, even if only in bits and pieces.
January 17, 2006
Go for Zucker is mildly tasteless (natrlich), if not exactly uproarious.
January 17, 2006
The movie is raw-looking, and Levy throws the camera around as if it were a Teddy bear, but he controls the actors with calm professional skill --all the characters, beautifully developed in short scenes, are touching and slightly absurd at the same time.
December 16, 2005
The exuberant physical comedy in Go for Zucker and the movie's entertaining sense of impropriety fail to produce a plausibly affecting finale.
December 15, 2005
In director and co-writer Dani Levy's capable hands, Go for Zucker is less a comedy of religious manners than of Cold War nostalgia on par with 2003's Good Bye, Lenin!
December 8, 2005
Go for Zucker! cleaned up at this year's German film awards. But why should an American moviegoer see it? If you're looking for a reason, here's one: It might be the first funny German movie you've ever seen.