Go Further Reviews

November 19, 2004
Go Further may be preaching to the converted, but this easygoing documentary promoting an 'alternative lifestyle' -- living without biotechnologically processed foods -- goes down smoothly.
November 19, 2004
A one-sided soapbox for Harrelson's eco-friendly prattle.
November 18, 2004
Go Further will galvanize viewers who, in Mr. Kesey's words, are already 'on the bus,' but for those who have not yet climbed aboard (or who got off long ago), it's an agreeably shaggy portrait of a thriving subculture.
November 16, 2004
Go Further meanders -- narratively as well as geographically -- all over the map.
November 12, 2004
Without a time machine, this is as close as we'll get to visiting the '60s.
November 12, 2004
You want to yell 'Focus!' not at the projectionist in the booth but at the activists on the screen.
November 5, 2004
It may sound like the No Fun Tour, but thanks to Harrelson's winning, almost goofy ways, the whole thing feels like a clown revolution.
October 8, 2004
Amusing and informative documentary.
October 7, 2004
I'm on Harrelson's side, but Go Further is not a movie. It's an organic dear-diary.
May 1, 2004
A message film that makes entertaining diversions out of environmental didacticism.
April 30, 2004
Aimed at the willing to be converted, though not the sophisticated, Go Further risks placing entertainment above complexity.
November 20, 2003
An agreeably goofy road movie of a documentary.