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½ September 25, 2016
A very funny and sweet short film told with astounding charm, style, and quite a brain to boot.
½ September 30, 2013
To call "God of Love" another twenty minute love story encapsulated in an indie short film wouldn't be far off the mark. However, where many other films of its ilk fail, "God of Love" excels is in its pure simplicity.
Shot as a senior film project at NYU by Luke Matheny, "God of Love" tells the tale of a talented singer/dart thrower-combo of a man who is the singer of a jazz quartet. The young man, Raymond Goodfellow, is in love with the drummer, Kelly Moran, who is enraptured by his friend Fozzie. Thus begins your typical tale of a love triangle.
Raymond begins the film by praying. But the only thing he's ever prayed for is the returned affections of Kelly. He is rewarded one day after his band plays a set, with a box of magical darts, that will cause a person struck with them to become hopelessly in love with the first person they come into contact with for a period of six hours. He uses a dart on some friends, and finds out it works. They fall in love, and it lasts long after the six hours have gone by. He decides to try with Kelly, and as soon as the six hours are up, she loses affection for him, and he realizes that perhaps it wasn't meant to be. Walking back from another gig, we see Raymond with another dart in his hand, dropping back to "tie his shoe." Kelly and Fozzie stand a few feet in front of him, with Kelly looking lovingly at Fozzie. Raymond raises his dart, and strikes Fozzie, causing Fozzie to return Kelly's affections. The next to last scene shows Raymond singing at a third gig, to an audience filled with happy couples, and a twinkle of happiness in Raymond's eye, as his friends in love stand behind him in the band. He concludes by driving off into the sunset on his scooter, this time with a bow and arrows strapped to his back.
Wonderfully scored with smooth jazz highlights, the film does a good job of keeping what could become a lengthy endeavor contained in a nineteen-minute short film. The film also delivers startling good acting performances from what are assumedly a film student and his friends that he pulled together. "God of Love" may remind viewers of Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova's feature, "Once," in its uniquely simplistic charm. There's no real pretenses here, and the film really sells itself on the raw idea that things only work if you let them run their course, rather than try to force something that shouldn't be so.
½ March 19, 2013
Short, sweet, and silly. God of Love is 18 minutes worth having.
½ September 9, 2012
Here is one student who really landed on his feet. This is an original but simple story that got the backing of some very big players. Matheny did pull it out of the bag though with a beautifully made piece.
½ June 6, 2012
nice story, so loveable
February 10, 2012
Loved it for what it is...made me smile. I really enjoyed this!
December 26, 2011
Not directly preachy at all, this is something with the element that what is in place comes from "the god of love" so to speak. It is the tale of cupid, really, and done in a very beautiful way that I believe anyone would appreciate. This short is something not to be missed and is also an academy award winner. Seek it out, or if you live in my area, I could show you it on our families dvr.
½ November 7, 2011
The stand out film of the 2011 Oscar live action category is the romantic comedy directed by Luke Matheny. Lounge singer Raymond Goodfellow desperately tries to woo the drummer of his band, who does not return his infatuation. With a prayer to the gods, he is given magical darts that serve the same purpose as "CupidÔ(TM)s arrows." God Of Love is a witty romantic comedy that is obviously a throwback to Woody Allen films from the 1980s. With the help of its clever concept, the humorous script directs it away from its potential cliches. God of Love has a mainstream appeal while also maintaining an art-house style, which makes the film my personal favorite of all the 2011 nominees.
September 2, 2011

This year's Oscar winner for Live-Action Short is a beautifully made, charmer of a film even with the really odd presence of its writer and director Luke Matheny. He's definitely better behind the camera than on screen but he's serviced beautifully by some lovely turns from the rest of his cast and an absolutely gorgeous eye by cinematographer Bobby Webster. It's quaint and sweet and above all entertaining.
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June 25, 2011
This is a very funny short-film.The film's run time is approximately 18 minutes. It was written and directed by Luke Matheny, and produced by Gigi Dement, Ryan Silbert, and Stefanie Walmsley. The film was shot in black and white on the Red One camera by director of photography Bobby Webster.
In the film, a lounge singer and championship dart player named Raymond Goodfellow is desperately in love with a fellow band-mate, but she only has love for his best friend. The crooner prays daily to God for a way for his beloved to fall in love with him. One evening, his prayers are answered when he's given a box of magical darts with Cupid-like powers. Raymond decides to use the darts to make his own love connection.
The film is included as a special feature in the blu-ray release of 127 Hours.Highly recommended!
May 20, 2011
This is one of those short film's that probably quickly gets tagged as "quirky." It takes the viewer on a short ride with the protagonist in his search for a reciprocal love from the woman he has a crush on. This familiar premise becomes literally mythic as the unseen hands of the Greek gods, who are apparently still alive and well and living in Manhattan, select protagonist Ray to become cupid incarnate.
Ray, played by writer/director Luke Matheny, is the lead singer of a jazz quartet whose drummer, played by Marian Brock, he secretly pines for. Brock has her own unrequited love to deal with in guitarist Fozzie, played by Christopher Hirsch. The lever for the action is that Ray is both jazz singer and champion dart thrower...I did say it was "quirky" after all. Ray receives a mysterious package from the "Olympus Foundation" containing some special "Love Darts" with instructions for use and Ray's pursuit of Kelly through alternative means ensues.
Matheny populates his story with the kind of idiosyncratic characters you find either in colleges or Napoleon Dynamite's hometown. The story is literally classic in derivation, with nods to the Cupid myth which is its backbone and a bit of Midsummer's Night Dream thrown in for good measure. But it is not stuck there. It also inhabits a piece of post-modernity's landscape expressing confusion over appropriate relationships, lack of intimacy, a nostalgic search for answers in "simpler times" (with a very funny homage of sorts to the movie Witness) and a literal understanding by Ray, that ultimately not only is their a destiny for him, but that he controls the destiny of all who yearn for love...capricious though it might be.
In the end, this 18 minute joy ride has taken us on a journey from Ray's own self interest to his understanding, that manipulated self interest is in fact, wrong. We all get the message that unrequited love may be unrequited for a reason, and yes, even for quirky people who perform jazz while their lead singer croons and does dart throwing tricks, love is out there... albeit sometimes as the end of a sharp point.
May 18, 2011
Not sure what's more intriguing - a lovestruck, lounge-singing darts champion, or a mysterious box of love-inducing darts.
½ April 24, 2011
"God of Love" is a very charming and well made short film, and I'm glad it won the Oscar for Best Short Film.
½ April 11, 2011
Very cute! Charming humor, believable characters and acting with a nice satisfying, albeit slight corny, ending.
March 7, 2011
Winner of this year's Oscar for Best Live Action short. It's funny, cute and hard not to like, which isn't typical Academy material but it's pulled off quite well. It's also cool to see a college project get serious award recognition.
March 6, 2011
Its on the 127 special features, nicely shot in B/W with cool idea for the story.
March 2, 2011
This is a short film that you should definitely check out on itunes. It's original and will have you smiling through most of its 18 minute running time. I read an online review categorizing Luke Matheny's quirky style of humor as similar to that of Woody Allen, but I think the latter's is more lighthearted and has an innocent charm to it. Short comedies usually come up short but this is an exception. Kudos to the Academy for recognizing it.
March 2, 2011
The only way I know that you can see this short, 18 min. NYU film is on Itunes or on the '127 Hours' DVD. But see it you should. It's clever, funny, and just a little bid sad. It reminds me of why I studied film in college in the first place. :)
½ March 1, 2011
Very well made and really funny short film. Won the Oscar for Best Live Action Short. My favorite of all the nominated shorts from 2010.
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