Five Favourite Films with 24's Carlos Bernard

Tony Almeida himself chats Season 7 with RT.

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Carlos Bernard

24 star Carlos Bernard is one of the show's few fixtures. With all the double-crossings, cliff-hangers and back-stabbings, it's a wonder anyone has survived from the first season, but his character Tony Almeida was an integral part of the season just aired, the seventh in the show's run. All indications suggest that he'll be back in a big way for Day 8, set to kick off in January.

The actor came to London this week to promote the DVD release of the Season 7 - also available on Blu-ray for the first time - and RT sat down with him to guage his five favourite films, talk about the show and do our best to learn all we could about Day 8. We failed spectacularly on the latter point, for he chose instead to invent an plot implausible even by 24 standards, but read on for the rest...