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April 15, 2019
If ever there was a great example of how the best popular movies come out of a merger of commerce and art, "The Godfather" is it.
February 6, 2019
Casting in these roles has been exceptional, particularly with Ai Pacino, a relative new comer as Michael. James Caan, too, deserves special mention, tor his role as Sonny... But the prime extra ingredient of the film is Brando.
March 15, 2017
This is a curious film. One comes to understand, even to condone, the activities of the Godfather and his clan.
February 22, 2015
Brando is the strong magnet that will draw fans to The Godfather. But behind-the-scenes creativity is of equal value to this film of towering proportions.
February 22, 2015
I don't see how any gifted actor could have done less than Brando does here. His resident power, his sheer innate force, has rarely seemed weaker.
February 26, 2014
The Godfather is overflowing with life, rich with all the grand emotions and vital juices of existence, up to and including blood.
January 18, 2013
To permit us a glimpse at The Mob, with all of its ethnic insularity, is like giving a chronic gambler a chance to wander above the false mirrors that overlook every casino.
September 24, 2012
Brando's triumph and fascination is less that of an actor of parts than of a star galaxy of myths.
February 23, 2011
Brando made Don Vito something we rarely see in movies: a tragicomic villain-hero, a vulnerable hood.
February 23, 2011
In its blending of new depth with an old genre, it becomes that rarity, a mass entertainment that is also great movie art.
September 25, 2009
As filmmaking and storytelling, 'The Godfather' remains a bravura piece of work, its set pieces, dialogue and performances entrenched cinematic icons.
September 25, 2009
A measured, deathly serious epic.
January 29, 2008
There are volumes that could be written -- and have been -- about the movie's uniformly powerful performances; its precedent-setting editing by William Reynolds and Peter Zinner; Nino Rota's haunting score; and Dean Tavoularis's evocative set design.
January 29, 2008
The biggest achievement here is the establishment of mood and time.
December 13, 2006
The ultimate family film.
February 9, 2006
An everyday story of Mafia folk, incorporating a severed horse's head in the bed and a number of heartwarming family occasions, as well as pointers on how not to behave in your local trattoria.
May 20, 2003
Francis Ford Coppola has made one of the most brutal and moving chronicles of American life ever designed within the limits of popular entertainment.
January 12, 2002
April 18, 2001
Coppola's masterpiece reveals something new every time you watch it.
January 1, 2000
The years have been kind to this timeless Mafia epic, which seems particularly rich now that studio blockbusters no longer demonstrate this kind of care with character, atmosphere and storytelling.
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