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½ February 1, 2017
A good one too! Good action, ok plot, but again a good Godzilla film!
½ September 17, 2016
Godzilla galores throughout this, typical monster movie. Possesing great battle sequences and tons of action. Godzilla vs megaguirus is a more mature Godzilla film. But is pretty typical of a godzilla. But nonetheless great.
May 29, 2016
godzilla never dies! when are they gonna ******* learn?!!? Plus Pok√ (C)mon rips megaguirus off lessen to reshirams roar
½ March 29, 2016
This is the 24th part to the japanes Godzilla series. It so such better then Godzilla 2000 which is not good. It is better then most of the Godzilla movies made before it. The 25th part to the japanes Godzilla Mothra and King Ghildarh giant monsters all out attack is better. Still this is a great movie see it.
½ February 11, 2016
The people of Japan come up with a new scheme to rid themselves of Godzilla, but it goes horribly awry and ends up creating a swarm of giant bugs who also wreak havoc on Japan and also spawns a queen, dubbed Megaguirus. I suppose the novelty of Godzilla fighting swarms of monster bugs is something not in prior films, but it wasn't really all that interesting after the initial attack. Then once Godzilla starts fighting Megaguirus, it was pretty standard, but the special effects were better than most Godzilla films. However, as with the rest of the millennium Godzilla films, the getter special effects seemed to somehow hurt the corny charm of a man-in-a-rubber-suit smashing miniature Tokyo, but they may just be my own nostalgic hang up.
½ November 13, 2014
Godzilla vs a giant ass dragon fly and the Japs trying to stop Godzilla with a miniature blackhole. Starts a bit slow but good fight at the end.
September 14, 2014
Great. Black hole weapon, plasma energy, and riding on Godzilla..sweet.
August 26, 2014
Godzilla films are clearly getting battier by the day... The Godzilla killing team set out to rid the world of the beast once again this time through scientific powers of creating black-holes shot from outer space! However this time we have a female lead seeking retribution of her former leader, fortunately she was feisty and decked some suit for his cheek... But the film as a whole was average entertainment!
½ August 8, 2014
Not very interesting...
July 31, 2014
This is a good entry. Okay so I say that on almost every Godzilla movie but yeah this one is. The new monster is okay but the fight scenes are what make the movie. It's good.
½ July 16, 2014
Not a perfect Godzilla movie, but a fun one.
July 15, 2014
There are some good ideas here but this one feels more stale than most Godzilla films which says a lot.
June 17, 2014
godzilla cant die by a black hole
½ June 4, 2014
Just the right amount of pacing, good effects, nice redesign of a more warrior like Godzilla and creature design, as well as cheesy but nice fight sequences to make this reminiscent of the 70's Godzilla films to win newcomers and fans of the series to start watching Godzilla movies again. A good reminder of why we fell in love with Godzilla to begin with.
½ June 4, 2014
A good movie, but definitely the weakest movie of the Millennium Series of Godzilla.
½ May 22, 2014
How do you describe "Godzilla vs. Megaguirus"? well, it begins as a movie that's just so crazy and bad, it's awesome. Then it stops being awesome and just becomes bad. We've got another reboot here, no connection to the previous film, despite the same design for Godzilla. Basically, after the events of the 1954 film, an anti-Godzilla task force, the G-Graspers is created. They develop new technology to defend Japan (whose capital has been moved from Tokyo to Osaka) from Godzilla. Finally, they've come up with a weapon that shows some potential in the war against the King of the Monsters: a gun that shoots miniature black holes. Wait, what?! After testing the weapon and confirming that it will not accidentally destroy our solar system, a young boy finds a suspicious looking egg in the forest nearby. The egg begins oozing a strange liquid and he dumps it in the sewers. It turns out that the egg was actually a cluster and they begin hatching into hundreds of thought-to-be-extinct prehistoric insect creatures called Meganulon. After chomping on some stupid teenagers, they mature into full-grown, gigantic dragonflies named Meganula. When Godzilla shows up, the G-Graspers are ready to prove to the world that despite their ridiculous name, they can be a force to be reckoned with when they start blasting at Godzilla with their satellite-mounted black-hole-generating gun. Unfortunately the big G has got a whole other threat to deal with as well, the queen of the Meganula: Megaguirus!

Woah... this movie. It begins on the wrong foot right away by establishing itself as yet another new continuity. There's no real reason for this change either. This could have easily been a sequel to "Godzilla 2000". Actually, this film is filled with changes to the franchise that just don't make much sense. Why the alternate universe where Osaka is the capital of Japan? Why the G-Graspers? The film has a few interesting ideas, but goes on to completely fumble the ball. So let's talk first of all about the new threat to Godzilla. If you remember your Kaiju history, you might recognize the Meganulon as the insect creatures that terrorized a small mining town in "Rodan". Bringing back these creatures with a new design is actually a really cool idea. It rewards the fans of the franchise who will get the reference and those monstrous insects had a lot of potential for future films. The creatures even get amped up by giving them a bigger "boss-level" mega-monster and by having them in numbers so great that they can square off against Godzilla himself! Unfortunately, the insects are very poorly created. The hundreds of smaller creatures are all brought to life using CGI and it doesn't look good at all. It's downright laughable actually. Megaguirus itself doesn't fare much better either. The idea is that this creature is so fast that it can attack Godzilla before it can throw even a single punch, but it still never feels like a genuine threat. It just sort of flies around, biting and slashing with its tail and claws and Godzilla looks annoyed as he tries to swat it out of the air. Seeing the creature on-screen is downright embarrassing at times too. There is more than one scene where you can see the strings holding the creature up. I can forgive some of the seams showing in something like "Godzilla vs. the Thing" because that movie was made decades ago. This movie has computer effects readily available and could have easily edited those out if someone had been paying attention. Speaking of "Godzilla vs. the Thing", Megaguirus is really sloppily operated. It just sort of hovers around, slowly flapping its wings in a way that isn't at all convincing. Megaguirus ends up feeling like a knockoff of Battra from "Godzilla and Mothra: Battle for Earth".

When it comes to the human plot, it's just as bad. A big part of the original Godzilla film was that the people facing the monster had very conflicted thoughts about destroying Godzilla. If a weapon can kill the seemingly unkillable monster, what will happen when humanity no longer has a common enemy to use it against? Will we simply trade one threat for another, even deadlier one? It made a really good point about the escalating nuclear arms race and how maybe it shouldn't have been started at all. Throw all of those ideas out of the window now because we've developed one of the deadliest weapons ever, a gun that can shoot black holes, from space! Suddenly, if anyone is bugging the G-Graspers about their stupid name, they can point their death cannon at any location and then reduce it all to a big crater! Even worse, this weapon is revealed to be the very thing that ended up creating Megaguirus! So not only can it kill anything, but it also mutates animals into giant kaiju?! Don't even get me started on the non-science in this movie either, it's through the roof. Going back to the actual humans, they're not interesting at all. We get the inclusion of an annoying, stupid kid that accidentally unleashes a monster onto the world, a love plot that's forgettable, a scientist that fails to find decent work or impress anyone despite developing revolutionary technologies and a military leader with a tragic back story you've seen a million times before. The best part of the human plot is when we see two teenagers get attacked by Meganulon early in the film. Their dialogue is so stilted, so badly acted it becomes hilarious. It's like you get transported into a totally different movie set simultaneously on Elm Street, the campground by Crystal lake and in the middle of an invasion of C.H.U.D.s. Ironically, that scene give you a bit of hope. Maybe the whole movie will be this crazy and fun! We've already got Black-Hole guns, killer satellites, giant bugs and teenagers getting bumped off... maybe Godzilla will start dancing again and aliens from another dimension or crazed mafia members bent on taking over the world will show up! Unfortunately any "so bad it's good" moments just end about halfway through the film and you're just left with bad special effects and a lengthy, but not particularly exciting monster climax.
As a special kicker, this is the first Godzilla movie to end with a cliff hanger, hinting at a super-awesome sequel! Unfortunately someone at Toho actually saw the film, realized how bad it was and ensured that it was not followed up on. Not that it's a terribly big loss because the teaser at the very end of the movie doesn't even make any sense. "Godzilla vs. Megaguirus" has some charm if you're looking solely at the monster designs and some of the fights and the titular villain has some cool powers but it's a serious contender for "Worst Godzilla Movie". (English Dub on Dvd, May 19, 2014)
May 16, 2014
Laughable to death, it is. Fun or reliable, it isn't. This Millennium series isn't looking good so far, it seems it needs to learn how to execute things well. This Godzilla movie is beyond boring, it's mostly a pain to sit through. It doesn't feature good special effects or memorable monster fights. Not even a memorable new monster!

Megaguirus is one of the most average monsters in the saga, similar to that time in the Showa era when the Godzilla movies where kid-oriented. The monster's special effects are crap for the most part and mostly laughable, but not memorable. The story is pretty standard and mediocre, the characters aren't likeable and Godzilla feels downplayed. I don't know how they can fuck it up so constantly and yet so inconsistently. At least the Heisei series picked the pace in the second movie, but here, it makes it harder to pick. And it was a disappointment, because the movie's opening looked very great and staged an environment, but it disappears after 20 minutes without any sight of Godzilla.

What a mess. This movie makes Godzilla look bad, closer to what Roland Emmerich did with the monster. There are only 4 more movies, and it doesn't look good so far. I hope there's one good movie in this Millennium series.
½ May 13, 2014
Aside from 2 little cool bits, it's a pretty forgettable flick. It's basically the Millennium series' answer to "Godzilla Raids Again".
May 12, 2014
After finding out it pointlessly reboots the series again we are given a decent monster flick with a strong female lead a pretty cool monster for Godzilla to fight but once again the special effects don't hold up for a movie made in 2000 and most of its characters a bit bland as well. Making this yet another watchable flick for those fans of silly monster movies but nothing more
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