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February 6, 2017
let me start by saying I love Mae West esp her pre-code films which this isn't but it still a good western rom-com
July 18, 2011
In my Best Mae West~ "Hey Big Boy, Why Don't You Come Up & See Me Sometime"~ isn't this the one where she says that?
Her One Liners Make her movies, otherwise, she's kinda Gross
½ January 10, 2007
It's true, you know. Mae West--certainly as she acts in this movie--[i]is[/i] trash. She's good-hearted, certainly, but she's still trashy. Oh, she wants good things, but she's got low tastes, and she's not, despite what she says, intellectual. She's trash. She's a good person regardless, but she's out-of-place in the circles her new wealth affords her.

Then again, quite a lot of the people in the circles [i]aren't[/i] good people. They're just different. They've been exposed to different things than she has.

It's not that I don't think they might have things in common. It's that . . . I can't even explain what I mean. You aren't supposed to sympathize with Delilah, for one. You just aren't. She's intended to be the villain. I can see her point, I think, but still.

I'm not sure I could have a conversation with this character. She's not half so friendly as she was in the last movie, though I wonder how much of that is based on the corner she's being pushed into. I just couldn't think of marrying someone based on a roll of the dice (it's my problem with one of the plot lines in [i]Friends[/i], too). I wouldn't marry someone for a title. There are better ways to climb the social register.

I guess the problem I have is that she treats men as toys. Even the one she says she wants. It's a game. It's one she plays very well, but it's a game.

Though, now I think about it, that's pretty much exactly as anathema to me as the way the rich treat it in this film--as a way of life. I don't understand either, I guess, and it's hard for me to get into it.
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