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September 24, 2020
I think most casual viewers-or at least the kinds of viewers who read reviews-won't find much worth recommending here, even if they're Zach Braff fans.
June 30, 2020
Going in Style is an amiable comedy, at best, with fine performances and enough good-natured heart to make you smile. It just doesn't necessarily have an abundance of laughs.
May 5, 2020
The overall work is underwritten to the point where ideas feel half-baked and performers are left trying to make up the difference, without much success.
March 26, 2020
Nana is sure to go bananas. Everyone else will likely find it to be an insufferable (although harmless) throwaway.
June 4, 2019
Fun up to a point, but the joke wears so thin by the end that even the actors seem sick of it.
May 21, 2019
It flirts with the dangers of the real world and is happy to nod to and momentarily invoke the zeitgeist but it ultimately decides to err on the side of safety.
March 21, 2019
Some films try to bring out the best in their cast...Other movies just want to coast on the charisma of their stars without bothering to make an effort in any other department. Going in Style falls firmly in the latter category.
March 5, 2019
A weak script trips up a talented director and three legendary actors.
February 12, 2019
It's a crying shame that a cast this talented is saddled with this tire fire.
December 19, 2018
The "go big or go home" mentality of the plot doesn't particularly mesh well with the low energy screen adaptation, making Going In Style a largely forgettable movie.
December 7, 2018
Going in Style isn't offensively bad. It's just a lame waste of time. It is the type of film that kinda makes me feel bad for everyone involved.
October 31, 2018
Going in Style is an inoffensive, unimaginative comedy that coasts on the charms of its leading trio while leaning heavily on broad comedic sitcom tropes.
August 29, 2018
What's not to love? The script, for starters.
January 29, 2018
As the film progresses ... the inanity of the proceedings begins to take over the comedy, and no amount of performance magic can rescue the conclusion, enjoyably madcap as it may be.
December 12, 2017
A simplifying and reassuring fable, more propagandistic than sharp. [Full review in Spanish]
October 16, 2017
This is Braff's first mainstream film effort, and he falls back on his sitcom roots, going broad with the humor and pretty pedestrian in style.
August 24, 2017
Going in Style is far and away the worst thing [Michael Caine's] been involved with.
August 22, 2017
Because the movie's stars all qualify as treasures of the cinema, the best approach to Going in Style might be simply to sigh with disappointment and move on.
June 16, 2017
Bad movies can reveal more about actors than great ones. Going in Style should confirm Caine, Freeman and Arkin as legends.
April 30, 2017
Although it intends to show old folks in a positive light, most of the jokes revolve around them looking stupid at worst, and creaky at best.
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