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½ April 8, 2018
No where near the quality of one of my favorite books. I was very dissapointed while watching it as the two part film was cheeply made with small sets, and had none of the enegry and charisma that Moist Von Lipwig has in the book. I was very dissapointed when they messed around with the plot, missing out important events and adding in others, almost to the point that it bares no resemblance to the book.
March 14, 2015
As luck would have it, I bought a copy on Blu-ray last week and it arrived today, the day after Terry Pratchett died. I'll be re-watching this wonderful film, my favorite Pratchett adaption, this weekend. :)
½ January 28, 2015
Very steampunk. Want to see more.
August 4, 2014
Terry Pratchett writes great books. The problem with adapting them into great movies is that much of his humor is aimed at genre and literary conventions. Things like including footnotes that explore an idiotic idea in detail work very well in written form. In a visual media they would mortally sideline the plot and thus many of his funniest moments are lost. This has posed problems to the studios adapting his books to film, or at least it would if they had seemed aware of it. A successful film of his books would have to change much of the structure and forms of humor to make them work. Instead scenes from the book are played out exactly as written on the page with no room for necessary changes to the pacing or plot. These films are too reverential to the source material, which is why the funniest of the lot was the one that diverged dramatically from the original story (The Color of Magic) to create a genuinely original film.

When they do make changes, in this film at least, they make the wrong ones. To provide more of a personal interest I suppose, they've given Moist a much more serious and guilt-ridden personality. This has come at the expense of the charm and audacity that made him such a likeable character in the first place. A lot of that is the acting of course, but the film seems to go out of its way to give him deadly serious monologues about what he's feeling, including a bookending of the first episode with Moist writing a letter of apology for being such a jerk.

It's not a terrible film by any means. It's not even bad. But it is bland and stagey and that's rather sad. The costumes look about right, although the golems are cheesy, and seeing Tywin Lannister as Lord Vetinari was a definite highlight. But other than that there isn't much to recommend about this film.
July 13, 2014
The Imaginative ideas of Terry Pratchet are translated creatively in this TV Film adaptation. It sparks the childlike fantasy illusion in people of all ages.
May 15, 2013
A very nice adaptation of the book, the main character traits are well played by the actors (extra praise on Charles Dance as Lord Vetinari for giving that aura of uncertain certainty that surrounds him and on Claire Foy for perfectly encarnating Adora's permanent fury). If you are a fan of the Discworld universe, it is, indeed, worth a watch.
½ February 26, 2013
Even though the cast is great, the production feels very small. Everything is done on sets with very few extras, and we never leave the city. At the same time the characters are pretty cartoon-y, so on top of a very small world there is also very little story. The plot doesn't really come in until the second half, and even then the race feels very anticlimactic. I usually think miniseries need to be edited down, but this one needed to have been extended.
December 28, 2012
Questioned it because it was 3 hours long, then started it and was hooked on Adora Belle.
November 18, 2012
Another great Terry Pratchett flick! If you like this kind of humor and the way Pratchett weaves his stories together definitely check this one out. The only real difference was that, where as most of the movies/stories are based on avoiding a cataclysmic event, this one is more grounded in a story that I would compare to the rivalry between the post office and possibly the phone/email. Seriously that might not sound like it would be cool to some people but trust me if you have never seen a Terry Practchett movie or read one of his books you really have to watch it to understand how great it is.
½ November 18, 2012
May require some explanation to a person who is not familiar with the disc world series but it is a fabulous adaption of the book. Loved it.
October 24, 2012
a good fantasy mini series that i really enjoyed. im not to familiar the terry pratchet but this story kept me intrigued the entirety of it. nice characters and plot for it all and a cool way things were invented in the post office. a good watch for the family since its tame on everything involved within it.
October 23, 2012
I really gotta read some of this guys books. What a great little movie.
August 21, 2012
good if you are a discworld fanatic like me
July 30, 2012
not what I though it might be a lot better. strange but good
½ July 22, 2012
There were some good bits, but all in all...I felt it was a waste of time. Many things could have been different.
May 31, 2012
The Pratchett BBC adaptations keep getting better!!! Great and funny!
½ March 21, 2012
Troisième roman de Terry Pratchett à faire les frais d'une adaptation en mini-série, « Timbré » fait suite au très bon « Père-Porcher » et au plus inégal « La Huitième couleur ». Publié en 2004, on découvrait, dans ce trente-troisième tome des Annales du Disque-monde, un Terry Pratchett moins absurde et férocement décalé qu'à d'autres périodes de sa carrière, et davantage porté vers une satyre spirituelle du monde moderne, puisqu'on y brocardait les tendances procédurières des services publics, mais aussi Internet et les hackers, la monomanie des philatélistes et les zones d'ombres de la morale capitaliste, tous transposés dans l'univers Fantasy élaboré par Pratchett. Du coup, cette adaptation télévisée propose une atmosphère moins « Montypythonesque » que ce à quoi on pouvait s'attendre, et ressemble plus à une honnête production en costumes un peu plus farfelue que la moyenne. On doit sans doute cette pédale douce mise sur l'humour à la présence du personnage de Moist von Lipwig, escroc récemment apparu dans les romans, et qui ne dispose pas du même potentiel comique que Rincevent, les agents du guêt ou la Mort. Techniquement, « Timbré » ne nourrit heureusement pas les mêmes hautes ambitions que « La huitième couleur », qui ramait parfois sec pour représenter de manière convaincante dragons et châteaux aériens. Dans ce récit finalement assez cartésien, tout se joue dans le cadre médiévo-victorien luxueusement reconstitué d'Ankh-Morpork ce qui, couplé aux trois heures réglementaires que durent des adaptations du Disque-Monde, donne à celle-ci un petit air de théâtre filmé....vous savez, ces représentations du genre interminables mais trop ponctuées de trouvailles ingénieuses et de bons mots pour qu'on ose avouer publiquement qu'on a tout de même baillé au moins dix-sept fois avant que le rideau ne se ferme.
½ March 6, 2012
Despite Claire Foy's charms and Charles Dance's best efforts, Going Postal simply doesn't begin to live up to Terry Pratchett's book. David Suchet is a brilliant actor, but he just isn't Reacher Gilt, and Richard Coyle just can't pull off the devil-may-care attitude of lead character Moist Von Lipwig.
That said, it's the utter disregard for the story and numerous fundamental plot changes that ruin this attempt... and some of the changes have ruined any attempt to put later Lipwig stories on film. At best this production is "based on" Pratchett's novel, and in a series of over thirty books (to date), "based on" is nowhere near good enough.
January 1, 2012
Adorei como td do Terry Pratchett
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