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½ October 27, 2012
Only one person could botch a film about Amazons this badly and here you have it. Jess Franco's horribly acted tale of a girl seeking revenge for her greedy parents' deaths on Amazons who guard caves of gold for Uruck and his sadistic mistress.
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½ January 10, 2012
Laughable jungle nonsense. Or is it savannah nonsense? Hard to tell the way these warrior women jetset between rainforest and Serengheti locations. Hey Franco, here's a hint: Amazons are supposed to live along the Amazon, not cavort with lion cubs on the African plains.

Actually released in 1986, not 2005. Opening shot sets the tone with ten women riding topless in slow-motion before our main event Liana (Joan Virly) takes the stage. She's attractive but has the worst sense of danger for someone who grew up in the wild for 16 years, getting captured by surprise FOUR times! Lots of other laughs too: the zipline that substitutes for vine-swinging, the missionary whose idea of an introduction is to tell Liana her parents were murdered, the bendable arrows, malevolent cave gas, rampant bad acting, and the pathetic "Go away or else!" ending. Things that will get on your nerves include Kuku the incredibly annoying pessimistic chanting shaman, two pieces of unimaginative music alternating as a soundtrack, and long-distance action shots. One reason to choose this over any other similar silly adventure is Lina Romay's impromptu skinny dip followed by an inexplicable nude walkabout, but no-one's complaining.

Best line comes from Liana, covered in pelts and furs: "All the animals are my friends." Um, except the ones she's wearing, obviously.
October 9, 2010
Another Jess Franco schlockfest with absolutely no redeeming features.
½ August 28, 2010
Jesus Franco didn't put his name on this one as director when this originally came out and that says something, Franco has made some crap but this one takes the cake. Stars a bunch of Franco regulars a group of female warriors that live in the mountains in the jungles of Africa attack a small settlement and kill the parents of a girl that grows up to become a jungle woman that wants revenge. Released well after the hype of the jungle film genre had died, this doesn't offer much besides a bunch of topless women riding horses through the jungle.
½ April 10, 2010
Only one person could botch a film about Amazons this badly and here you have it. Jess Franco's horribly acted tale of a girl seeking revenge for her greedy parents' deaths on Amazons who guard caves of gold for Uruck and his sadistic mistress.
January 17, 2009
Prett much complete garbage. Somewhere between Sheena and a cannibal film, Golden Temple Amazons can only be enjoyed as a comedic experience. Constantly topless women, bizarre native characters, and a less than lame plot make this a joke fest at best. For starters, the women are supposedly Amazons, yet, from the elephants, giraffes, etc., they appear to be in Africa. Franco has made better cannibal films, and this isn't really a cannibal film to begin with, especially given its complete lack of cannibalistic behavior. For a better Franco cannibal film, watch Cannibals.
½ September 5, 2008
I found the story intriguing. A girl avenges the death of her evil, greedy parents who hates these 'savages'. The daughter becomes a similar savage and goes towards these Amazonians. There is a the me here, but it sort of becomes odd later on. The Amazonians have native slaves with them and a witch-doctor that talks with the spirits from hell and so do the natives but the Amazonians are not natives and seem to be outsiders in these black territory. The girl avenges out of loyalty and the black when they come, it's like an uprising, so it is actually clearer now. I see. Franco's stranger work, this is definitely shot on some location, I mean, look closely and you will see some car going pass on a road in the background.
March 3, 2008
Jesus Franco's need to make this long after the cannibal boom beats the hell outta me. Of course, it's certainly amusing and, dare I say, entertaining at some points, but the whole ordeal is too tedious. Oh yes, supposed to be set in the Amazon, yet African animals (and an African tribe) make prominent appearances.
December 26, 2007
One star for theme and DVD cover. Nothing else... oh, and that 80´s euro-dance music!
November 1, 2007
Not interested. I generally avoid horror movies.
½ September 2, 2007
Whatever. This movie may be terrible, sure, BUT I THINK IT RULES! SO THERE! What's-her-name and her boobies do a great job of bouncing around in the jungle. Oh, and another reason to watch this, is that big fat character, the bald guy...Koku or something. That guy's a trip! But yeah, the dubbing isn't very good, among other problems, as the insightful reviewer below this one states. The car-drive-by scene cracks me up every time!
July 15, 2007
When did this come out??
July 3, 2007
So, here we have a movie that is wrong in so many ways.
Dubbing is terrible, acting is worse, and all the ladies are essentially naked for the whole movie (with a slo-mo topless horse back riding intro of course).
The film is set in the Amazon, but in one scene you can see a car drive by in what clearly looks like a freeway. Shot in a city park perhaps? I would usually look up the answer to that.... but the movie does not really deserve that much attention.
Best image: the one-eyed amazon warden snarling and weilding a golden axe as one of her submissives uses a large wrench in a makeshift castration. Boo ya!
February 14, 2007
Never heard of this no doubt, terrible movie, but the guy who stars in it is named Jesus. That's pretty funny.
½ September 14, 2006
A muddled cut of Franco's film. Love to see the original cut sometime.
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