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January 7, 2013
Following the mold made by Infernal Affairs, this is a great, unique movie - stylish and well-thought-out, though not the greatest movie in the world. I'm tempted to give this a 4.5 out of 5, except that it didn't quite resonate strong enough emotions in me, but it's an impressive piece of work. Like Infernal Affairs mixed with a little bit more Wong Kar-Wai?
November 6, 2012
an overly stylish crime/gangster flick, perhaps a bit too art-house-y for mainstream audiences but a must watch for film buffs =)
September 4, 2011
Just another Triad movie. It has a great cast with Chien-lien Wu, Andy Lau, and Jacky Cheung, but the movie itself is not very interesting and full of cliches. It plods along at a boorish pace, and even with its great twist it still leaves too many questions unanswered. Not a recommended viewing pleasure, since its so standard and plain.
August 26, 2010
A stylish but ultimately flawed gangster film. Bllood Brothers is set in Shanghai and has great production values. The problem is that John Woo didn't direct it - he only produced it. With his trademark style fully behind the pic it would have added much needed pace and kinetic balletic choreography and balletic stunts using far better action sequences.
February 15, 2010
some top actors although the production is a little Hong Kong 1995, still, never saw that twist coming in another great triad film
½ February 3, 2010
uhhh, Shawn Yue is just so sexy, he get all the credit
½ September 20, 2009
Upon it's release Jiang Hu seemed predestinded for HK cinema greatness with it's iconic lead actors, hip young supporting cast and epic triad drama theme. And it most certainly would have been recieved as a future classic of it's genre, were it not for the smug self-importance evident in every frame. Director Wong Ching-Po wallows in a kind of shallow coolness counterproductive to the desired effect, borrowing visual elements from every director and their mothers, while giving up on depth and thematic consistency. Wong admittedly comes a long way with pure style and technical brilliance, though, and Jiang Hu features some excellent cinematography by Charlie Lam, probably even better than his subsequent footage for Pang Ho Cheung's Isabella. What a shame then, that Wong should go from this flawed but promising work to wreck Karena Lam's carreer in the disastrous follow-up Ah Sou.
½ July 2, 2009
its a pretty good watch. andy lau is always a great actor, and it's no different here. some good quotes, as you'd expect from asian movies. acting is good, but the storyline could be better. good chess analogy, you don't have to wipe out your opponent to win
½ June 17, 2009
Not bad, but not very good. This tale of converging timelines feels incomplete - although the storyline is quite clear, it seems like some key elements of character development have been left out. I did enjoy the chess analogy though :)
½ February 28, 2009
I really enjoyed this film, I dont get why its had such a slamming, its really gritty, the whole thing is shot very darkly and sucks you into the plot, its very nicely done, I think its been underated by Infernal affairs fans who are judging it on that film, which I also like. Great film!
February 16, 2009
Interesting take on a triad film. I think Andy and Jacky are all class so am totally bias about them. The twist at the end was great. It did have a Godfather feel to it. Liked it well enough.
½ September 29, 2008
too much slurring of Edison and it totally annoyed me. Story thin and acting not particularly impressive.
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September 19, 2008
Gong wu aka Jiang Hu is a film that falls into the ever so popular Chinese crime thriller category. There are some great crime thrillers out there, but director Ching-Po Wong doesn't have one here.The story isn't anything spectacular, with the exception of the surprise at the end. The problem here is that the surprise shows up for the final 2-3 minutes of this 80 minute film. That leaves a lot of other minutes for a bunch of talking. In other words, this picture doesn't blow by. The 80 minutes is deceiving.The lack of action isn't out of the blue, but the story and the cinematography just isn't enough to warrant a good watch. The editing is good at times and that is one of the few bright points of this flick.Andy Lau is the biggest star in here and he probably has the best part. He doesn't do anything spectacular, but his dialogue is nicely written. Shawn Yue on the other hand, is just so bland. Luckily, Edison Chen shows up for a bunch of Shawn's scenes to help liven it up. The same can be said for Jacky Cheung in Andy Lau's scenes.In the end, Gong wu is just another film that is easily forgettable. There are many other movies like this that are a much better watch. This isn't a total waste of time, but you can live without seeing it."You don't listen to what I say. Even if you listen, you don't understand; or you understand but you won't do it. Or you do it and get it wrong and you won't admit it and refuse to change. Even if you change you do it unwillingly and you don't say anything. What am I supposed to do?"
August 24, 2008
Only towards the end is the big mystery solve which is kinda surprising. But otherwise the story is slow and not action enough.
July 28, 2008
What is Wong Ching Po trying to do? A waste of the cast... Jacky Cheung is a respectable actor...
½ July 28, 2008
The movie overall is boring...well...the idea is actually quite interesting (very much better than those heroism traid movies). I particularly like the arguments between Hung and Lefty near the end and the ending twist, but having Chapman To trying hard to use Tseng Chi-Wai style of voice to talk (I guess he is pretending to be Tseng's character in Internal Affairs) and Hung and Lefty fighting off hundreds of armored assassins with bare hands is a little bit disapointting. Funny how, I think this movie got bits that 'tribute' to the famous mifia film Godfather (the scenes of the assassins killing off the underbosses is very similar to the famous killing-off-rivals scenes in Godfather)
July 16, 2008
it was a 'okay' movie for me..3stars..puzzling me a lot though..
July 10, 2008
this is a really good movie!
March 24, 2008
Nothing exciting at all.
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½ March 20, 2008
Underrated gangster drama as two triad leaders, close as brothers now find themselves opposing each other, paralleled with the story of two young gangsters hired to kill a pair of triad leaders. Great script, direction and performances.
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