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The Good Shepherd Quotes

  • Bill Sullivan: I don't want your answer now, just think about it. But this isn't a bunch of fraternity boys sitting around playing with their pricks... This is for real. For America.

  • Bill Sullivan: We'll eventually get involved in this war. Not because we want to, but because we have to, and we should. And the President has asked me to look into creating a Foreign Intelligence Service. And if that happens, I'll be looking for patriotic, honorable, bright young men from the right backgrounds to manage the various departments. In other words, no jews or negroes and very few Catholics, and that's only because I'm a Catholic.

  • Valentin Mironov #2: Soviet power is a myth. A great show. There are no spare parts. Nothing is working, nothing, it's nothing but painted rust. But you, you need to keep the Russian myth alive to maintain your military industrial complex. Your system depends on Russia being perceived as a mortal threat. It's not a threat. It was never a threat. It will never be a threat. It's a rotted, bloated cow.

  • Philip Allen: Intelligence is their mother's milk and they don't like sharing the royal tit with people that don't have titles.

  • Edward Wilson: I have let a stranger into our house.

  • Clover/Margaret Russell: i was supposed to looking 4 perfect husband. r u perfect husband, mr. wilson?
    Clover/Margaret Russell: I'm supposed to be looking for the perfect husband. Are you the perfect husband Mr. Wilson?
    Edward Wilson: perfect in every way
    Edward Wilson: Perfect in every way.

  • Clover/Margaret Russell: Bonesmen first, God second.

  • Clover/Margaret Russell: What are you going to do, Edward? Save the world?
    Edward Wilson: I'll do what I can.

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