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January 31, 2017
Regardless of what any critic says, "Good Times", while cheesy and silly, totally embodies who the 'characters' of Sonny & Cher were.
Yes, it's a virtually plotless film chock full of song, dance, and Sonny & Cher banter.
Those who would go on to adore their hit variety series should enjoy this film just as much!
May 30, 2015
Four years before their hit variety show.Showacses Sonny as a want to be movie star but Cher's heart wasn't in it.The sketches almost play out like the VAMP segment. The pop songs through out moved the story along.
May 28, 2015
Well... I remember George Sanders as a villainous kung fu master so hence the rating. and there's songs too I think
October 2, 2012
I can't believe I actually watched this one, but it is part of the start to my "William Friedkin" directed collection I'll be watching over time here. I actually really enjoyed some of the music in this film, and I love Sonny and Cher's vocals above all else, but the film really is a total mess. Somewhat of a nice mess to look at, but overall, it's nothing to really recommend unless you are a hardcore fan of the characters at play here. Also, you do see some of William Friedkin's stamp on this. More so if you are aware of his film that come later in his career.
February 25, 2012
Vintage Sonny & Cher. Fun, silly. Thats what the 60's were all about.
July 12, 2011
This is a good but strange movie. Cher is quite interesting in her first movie. She obviously has picked up the acting chops to be the Oscar and Golden Globe winner that she is but she was a kid in this movie. Interesting plot line.
December 4, 2009
All good pop sensations have to make a cheesy film like this. This one happens to be the directorial debut of William Friedkin (The Exorcist) and co-stars the brilliant George Sanders. It's worth watching if you're a big fan but it's not especially funny and it doesn't showcase any of Sonny and Cher's big hits.
July 19, 2005
On the video box,[i] Good Times[/i] is billed as "Sonny & Cher's ONLY motion picture together!" which is a little inaccurate. [i]Good Times[/i] is the only movie [i]starring [/i]both Sonny & Cher, but the two debuted in something called [i]Wild on the Beach[/i] in 1965. Sonny wrote 1969's [i]Chastity[/i] as a vehicle for Cher and I would think that counts as their making it together. Of course later that same year, another Chastity came along as the result of Sonny & Cher making it together.

Sonny & Cher play themselves in [i]Good Times[/i]. Sonny wants to make a movie produced by George Sanders (and who among us doesn't?) and is given final script approval, providing [i]Good Times[/i] the opportunity to package western, jungle and [i]noir[/i] sketches starring Sonny & Cher & the Venemous Fishwife into a feature film. The sketches are linked together by scenes of Sonny & Cher at home in which the leading lady shows absolutely no hint whatsoever of the talent she would later display on screen, coming to life only in her songs. But she looks [i]fabulous[/i].

The songs are only passingly integrated into the plot and the only sketch I remember as having a number is the western. (Actually, said number is something like 9 minutes long and therefore becomes something of a sequence, but I digress.) If I was a betting man (which I'm not), I'd wager that the jungle and [i]noir[/i] sketches had songs as well and that I'd simply forgotten them in the two days that have passed since I watched [i]Good Times[/i], particularly since I don't remember the song in the western, just that it was there and it had a [i]lot[/i] of choreography.

As far as the sketches, the western and jungles pieces were as dumb as you'd expect. All I can really add is that Sonny Bono in a loincloth is not as hot as it sounds; and yes, I am aware that it sounds repulsive. The [i]noir[/i] sketch probably wasn't that much better but I enjoyed it nonetheless, mostly because I have such an affection for the genre itself. It's not brilliant by any means, but it sends up the private detective flick goofily enough and it does contain the priceless passage:

Sonny: What's the hurry [to get married], you're only 19.
Cher: But we've been engaged for seven years. People are beginning to talk.
Sonny: Not as much as when we first got engaged.

Corny, yes. But it made me laugh.

[i]Good Times[/i] is not a good movie, but it's 90 minutes of silly, dumb fun. Yes, it's mostly idiotic and only occasionally funny, but I'd rather sit through this again than [i]The Boys in the Band[/i] or [i]Cruising[/i].

And it's got Sonny Bono in a shoot-out with George Sanders!
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