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November 30, 2011
This movie bummed me out. When it comes to "so bad it's funny" films, there are scenes that make you laugh because they're unintentionally goofy. This was so incredibly bad that funny moments were few and VERY far between.
½ February 9, 2011
absolutely terrible. a waste of an hour and a half of my life that i will never get back
July 27, 2010
Being a fan of Christian Death, Switchblade, etc. I had to check out this film and glad I did.

Yeah there were many things about this film that could have been better such as the effects, backgrounds, production, etc. Also the killing scenes were hit up with buckets of fake blood, not sure why they used the same club dancing scenes and animation was bad but what do you expect for a low budget movie.

It does have some cheese and laughs but the music is great and the gorgeous Gina DeVettori (Anastasia) gives a fine performance.

Worth seeing it even though the film gears towards a certain audience.
½ March 7, 2010
With a name like this, I knew I was in for crap, but wow. I pride myself on being able to watch a movie all the way through, and I just couldn't do it. I mean, it has all the makings of a classic bad movie: bad acting, terrible effects (you actually see the tubes of blood on the necks of the actors), awful editing, extended scenes of stupidity, random nudity, etc. But I couldn't even enjoy this ironically. Makes some of the other movies I've rated a half star look genius.
February 12, 2010
My god, this has to got to be the worst vampire film I have ever seen. This is no Twilight so don't expect your heartthrob hero to come save this gothic band from the evil vampires.
Super Reviewer
December 11, 2009
I wasn't expecting this to be Oscar material. All I was hoping for was some cheesy vampire fun, a decent soundtrack, and maybe some gothic eye-candy. Well, the soundtrack was okay, but the rest I didn't get. It's utterly cringe-worthy. The actors appeared to have been scraped up off the street, regardless of acting talent or whether they look remotely goth (and giving them bad make up and costumes doesn't help either, funnily enough). If you're going to give us actors who don't look that goth, at least make them good actors. Or, if your budget doesn't stretch that far, go to some local alt clubs and find some subculturally pretty people who don't mind being in front of a camera spouting the drivel you call dialogue in exchange for a few dollars/pounds and/or free drinks (also known as the Razorblade Smile approach to casting). I will admit the black female vocalist of the other 'band' was reasonably attractive, and at least could sing fairly well. But that's all the concession you're getting from me on that score.

Shame on you, Cleopatra Records, for associating yourselves with this. Some of you out there will probably want to rent it in order for you and your friends to have a hilarious evening criticising it. If so, enjoy yourselves. Otherwise, stay the hell away.
½ August 20, 2009
Gothem , a record label represented by 3 hot chicks lead by Annastasia (Gina DeVittori) , is looking for fresh meat (literally) .. they convince aspiring bands to sign for them only to turn into Vampires and feast on their blood .. this movie has everything : gothic rock , corsets , fishnets , some nudity and bondage , and gallons of fake blood !!! just never mind the lame-ass special effects and you'll really enjoy this ! and the Soundtrack is awesome ... including music by New Skin , Christian Death , Razed in Black and Switchblade Symphony ...
August 3, 2009
HAHAH este filme é tao tao tao mau!!!!!!!!!!!
suficientemente mau para ser um favorito!
Mais que serie B e indie, os actores sao mmo rotos e os vampiros e efeitos tb!
½ January 29, 2009
sound track is good but the film well ermm i couldnt even find any clips of the film on youtube thats how bad it is but the sound track is good
January 15, 2009
It looks good, a bit cheesy, but good.
July 26, 2008
actors do a good job, but it is blatant in its stretching things out to feature length. B-roll footage is repeated within 10 minutes. A band appears as a different band 15 minutes later. Cheesy 80's video editting. The vampire bites are humorous.
½ July 14, 2008
great movie!!! its the best!!! scary as hell!
½ April 21, 2008
One 1/2 a star because the soundtrack is decent if you like Gothic and Industrial music. Other than that I can film vampire LARPS and get a far better film.
½ August 31, 2007
[font=Times][size=4][color=#000000]2007 US Director: Brad Walker and Fred Taulbee[/color][/size][/font]

[font=Times][size=4][color=#000000]Score: 3[/color][/size][/font]

[color=#000000][font=Times][size=4] It was a sign when the first ten minutes had a ?gruesome? killing and I was laughing hysterically through it. With the aid of some pretty weak special effects the victim?s blood is literally spurting out of him in fountains and yet he holds a fairly long conversation with his friend who finds him. It goes down hill from there. The plot is basically that a group of lady vampires have set up house in an old warehouse and pretend to be independent record producers. They hold band competitions for ?Goth bands? and then they feast on the winners and runners up. Yup, that?s it. The ending is supposed to be a surprise twist, but it really isn?t.[/size][/font][/color]

[color=#000000][font=Times][size=4] The soundtrack is not great, but it isn?t bad either. I know that?s not saying much but since the rest of the movie is even worse; the soundtrack gets the distinction of being the best thing about this film. None of the actors really reached any level that I would call even average. The film is fluffed out by lots of filler scenes of what is supposed to be a Goth dance club and for some strange reason scenes of a large woman in skimpy ?Goth gear? getting spanked. I dunno. Even you vampire movie completists will have trouble getting through this one.[/size][/font][/color]

[font=Times][size=4][color=#000000] [/color][/size][/font]

[font=Times][size=4][color=#000000]Notes: GV-HL-HN-SA Suggested Age: 16+[/color][/size][/font]
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