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August 4, 2016
watching The cast of actors act was worth watching. The movie itself was ok.
½ January 9, 2016
B-o-r-i-n-g. S-L-O-W.
½ October 19, 2015
I like the actor Armand Assante but this movie wasn't great...not bad just not great.
½ July 18, 2015
This isn't a very good movie, capeesh? Cartoonish -- capeesh? In closing, that's a some a spicy a meatball.
June 30, 2015
one of my alltime favorite movies
½ September 9, 2014
Watchable made for TV mob flick. Armand Assante does a fine job.
August 10, 2014
One movie i can watch over and over again for some reason.
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May 16, 2014
Richard Harmon's Gotti enthrals with the first frame. Brilliantly acted and directed, especially for a made for TV movie, Gotti is one of the finest made for TV films that I have seen in quite some time. Starring Armand Assante is a standout lead performance; Gotti is a brilliant drama about the Teflon Don, and his rise in the Gambino Crime Family. For a small production, Gotti is a very good film, one that is elevated by an impressive cast of talented actors that really make this a terrific viewing. The story at times is a bit unfocused, but you see glimpses of what makes for an effective gangster movie, if the film would have had a bigger budget, a more ambitious script, then who knows where this film could have gone. The film has its shortcomings, but it overcomes them with a powerful performance from Assante, who is perfect here. Like I said, due to the film's limitations, Gotti relies on the cast to really push the film. The result is an accomplished, and entertaining made for TV movie that is a well crafted affair for those interested in a good low budget gangster picture. Of course, the budget constraints show, but that doesn't stop this from being a worthwhile, well acted picture that is sure to entertain viewers for a pleasant time waster. For what it tries to do, it's one of those films that deserves more praise, and it's also a finely executed made for TV film that is far better than others in the genre. Considering that it's a film that uses minimal elements, it's able to pull off an entertaining two hours and it's a film that ranks among the finest made for TV films. Gotti isn't perfect, but the performances, story, direction and over all execution are what makes this an entertaining genre picture.
½ December 29, 2013
great acting job Armand Assante as Gotti
October 15, 2013
Based on the life of John Gotti. One of the best TV movies made on the Italian mob genres. Armand Assante as Gotti is very convincing.
March 22, 2013
Can be compared with mob movie greats like Donnie Brasco, Good Fellas and Casino.
Well written.
Well acted.
Great ensemble cast that works. (and works well)
January 18, 2013
Pretty decent take on the rise and fall of one of the most beloved organized crime bosses. Unfortunately, it lacked any real excitement and drama like other mobster films. Armand Assante's performance as Gotti was amazing though.
December 28, 2012
Very solid film, as well as a historically accurate account of the life of John Gotti
October 1, 2012
any movie w/ armande assante is awesome! he's wonderful
April 28, 2012
Dark Acting, vivid re-inactments, and blows Godfather Out of the Water! My 1 Stone* Favorite (TOP10)
½ April 27, 2012
For the subject matter I felt that Gotti told the story of the rise and fall of a Gambino crime boss rather well. The characters drew me in extremely well because near the end of the movie I found myself outraged at Sammy for being a stooly. A nice surprise when expectations are tempered.
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August 9, 2011
Gotti is a gritty, well acted, and complex look at the rise and fall of John Gotti. I thought Armand Assante did a terrific job as John Gotti, slick, bombastic, but also nuanced. It's inevitable to compare this to Witness to the Mob. Witness to the Mob was superior from a factual standpoint, covering much more ground in its' three hour run time than Gotti. Ultimately I'd have to go with Tom Sizemore over Armand Assante for the most accurate depiction of Gotti, as Sizemore mastered Gotti's flare of arrogance and naivet to an extent that Armand didn't quite get up to. At the same time, William Forsythe as Sammy the Bull was superior than Sammy's portrayal in Witness to the Mob. His personality as cold, calculating, and ambiguous, surely matches Gravano more closely than the positive spin Witness took on him. Overall, Gotti is better from a filmmaking standpoint, with sharper, more realistic dialogue.
½ July 21, 2011
the rise and fall of the ambitious gambino crime boss john gotti..............done brilliantly by the uncanny resembling armand assante as john gottin
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June 16, 2011
There's so much story here and yet this is almost free of story, what the hell? It's like taking a small bite from a fucking wedding cake and poorly and boringly conceived and directed.
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