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½ February 22, 2018
Fairly interesting eco-documentary about the water-starved Colorado river, following ecologist Wade Davis as he tracks the changes and braves the rapids. The 3D Imax cameras only really come into their own during these brief sequences. Robert Redford contributes a bland narration and there's a surplus of music from an outfit called The Dave Matthews Band.
November 1, 2013
I remember when I first got my 3D TV I was desperate to buy this, it looked amazing, and I couldn't wait to experience the depth and beauty of the Grand Canyon. When I got round to watching it I was a bit disappointed, purely because the repetition of camera shots of the Canyon and the dull narration was giving me a bit of a headache. But now I have re watched it and my mind has changed! I love all the cinematography, it's stunning, the narration still has a few dull spots but you don't have to pay attention as the 3D is immersive enough to distract you. Water splashing into my glasses and amazing close ups of the Canyon edges, it was breathtakingly shot along with plenty of pop out the screen moments, I did like some of the information and people featured in the documentary, it was interesting. The best part of this experience is the water rafting as it was so exciting! River At Risk gives you a new dimension and viewpoint of the Canyon, and it will take you on a fun adventure.
January 4, 2012
Watched this instead of going dog-sledding because my school sucks. Many reasons to hate it. Thankfully the cinematography is nice enough
January 3, 2012
I absolutely hated this film. The most uninteresting movie I have ever had the displeasure of viewing.
July 2, 2011
PHENOMENAL!! Narrated by Robert Redford with great music by the Dave Matthews Band, this powerful and thought-provoking IMAX 3D documentary is about the threat to the Colorado River at the Grand Canyon. It explains the growing shortage of fresh water and what we can do to help our environment because we are ALL in this together! The Grand Canyon shots and the thrilling ride through raging rapids and breathtaking canyons was captured beautifully by the Imax cameras and it felt like you were going down the rapids..Spectacular 3D effects on this one...Sweeping aerial shots as well to be enjoyed on a big screen HDTV make this one a must see and buy blu-ray!! I cannot stress enough to WATCH THIS IMAX DOCUMENTARY IN 3D!! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
January 8, 2011
Wow, the Grand Canyon as I'll never see it otherwise. This 3D IMAX feature (on Blu-Ray 3D) is shockingly real with amazing sights. Of all the 3D programs I've seen so far, this is the best (closely followed by the NASA spacestation 3D). When you watch this, I suggest: 1) don't hold anything in your hands as you will need to grab your arm rest to hold on thru the rapids and 2) bring a towel--your going to get wet.
December 7, 2010
Stylistically straight out of the '70s. Awkward pointless interviews, twangy EZ listening score, and unintelligent environmentalist cliches. Par for the course as a boomer-porn IMAX film, and decidedly worse than early masterpieces in the format like "Beavers."
August 12, 2010
Go see this movie in 3D IMAX. It is a fun, informative water ride down the Colorado River in 3D. The great Dave Matthews soundtrack makes the movie even more enjoyable.
August 12, 2010
Something to think about
August 12, 2010
Yes it's beautiful and have some amazing shots, but goddamn it's boring, not interesting and so not subtle! I've seen better for a documentary.
½ August 12, 2010
Very well done 3D effects, and mildly educational. I think more could be done to deliver an effective message, however.
June 7, 2010
This is one of the worst movies that I've ever seen. If you expect for a detailed film like those in the National Geographic Channel or the Discovery Channel, you better keep away from this film. That is awful.
November 22, 2009
Absolutely beautiful footage. Some really sappy writing.
July 5, 2009
first REAL IMAX I have seen since the air and space museum in 1987

I was not disappointed
June 4, 2009
Though well-intentioned and enjoyable, this film's loose direction detracts from its amazing visuals.

As expected with an OmniMAX presentation, there is plenty to see. While perhaps not surprising in most ways, the film crew captures tons of great footage including sweeping vistas of the Grand Canyon, majestic shots of lakes and dams, intimate pans of the rock walls and dozens of nuances that take the viewer along for the ride down the Colorado.

Unfortunately, the point of the documentary seemed to be buried somewhere between all of the adventure. It's not impossible to figure out what the "point" of the piece was (conserving water = good), but that concept came across rather secondarily. There was talk of African water shortages, a few minutes given to discussion of an ancient Native American tribe's disappearance once their water source ran dry, and social scolding of the excessive water use in Las Vegas, but little storytelling, elaboration or detail. At the movie's end (amidst the credits), some tips for saving water are casually thrown in, as if for good measure.

This isn't to say that this piece isn't worth watching but instead to suggest that it's a different sort of documentary. There's plenty to see and enjoy, but not much to think about afterwards.
May 25, 2009
While not as good as some other Imax/Omni movies I've seen, it was worth watching.
½ April 23, 2009
Saw it in the IMAX theater... breathtaking!
April 16, 2009
Awesome scenery and IMAX only amplified the beauty of the Grand Canyon.
April 15, 2009
Having owned several Grand Canyon docs in various home formats ( Beta, LD, dvd), this BD offers the best PQ on the subject matter thus far -- bar none. This is due in no small part to having this IMAX feature scanned at 8K resolution: as in 'Baraka'. The video and lossless audio presentation is consistent with no shortage of footage that qualify as 'eye candy', demo-caliber material; as viewed on my 140" scope screen.
April 3, 2009
This looks great on Blu-Ray. It's not as spectacular as something like Planet Earth, but it's pretty beautiful. It is fun to be able to point out places one has slept on High-Def as well. The Grand Canyon is amazing and yet terribly flawed. I love drinking in the cool fresh-seeming water straight out of the river, which of course is entirely due to the horrific Glen Canyon dam. I've spent many an hour hitchhiking from within the frame from this landmark of human overreaching. The only people that wanted to give me a ride back to my vehicle were Utah locals of course. The Canyon looks wonderful throughout. The story/narrative is decent. Redford's voice is indelible, but it seems to be used sparingly after the introduction. The structure of the film is perhaps a bit lacking as the first act regarding water is not ultimately tied directly to the focus of the picture too well. This might just be me analyzing the picture from a perhaps too scientific perspective (I did write a 20 page paper on the alien invader Tamarisk, twice). I've also spent many an hour fighting my way through many a tamarisk thicket from mid-Utah to northern-Arizona. It is a mighty invasive species. I wish the picture were much better, but it has set enough time aside for both scientific argument and scientific wonderment to be worthwhile to all but the most ridiculous individuals.
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