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Grand Canyon Adventure: River at Risk Reviews

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½ June 19, 2008
Omnimax is cool. Watching the filmmaker's 18-year-old daughter splashing skimpy-style through the Grand Canyon is not.
½ June 13, 2008
Documentaire sur le Grand Cayon. Decouvrez en IMAX 3D des paysages a couper le souffle et l'ampleur des enjeux sur la conservation de l'eau sur notre planete.
½ May 18, 2008
Je suis surpris que le film ne fasse aucunes mentions de la déforestation et l'effect sur le réchauffement climatique et l'activité humaine car c'est beaucoup plus que la consommation d'eau.Les paysages par contre étaient sublime et donne envie d'y aller l'effet 3D rend justice aux paysage majestueux et la musique est bonne !!!!
April 19, 2008
Beautiful footage; could have been more message-oriented. Focused alot on daughter's kayaking skills. Dave Matthews score was AWESOME!
April 1, 2008
Amazing move at IMAX! We saw it as a part of our field trip and it was great. The geek in my loved it because it really brought home some of the things I have taught in my curriculum. The non-geek loved it because of the information, the beauty, the history! BREATHTAKING! You also can't beat a movie that features music by the members of the Dave Matthews Band. Definitely would see it again!
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