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June 29, 2004
Inspired by a true story, pic travels down familiar genre highways, but quirky humor and an apt soundtrack make for a pleasant enough journey.
June 29, 2004
What could have served as a colorful episode in a more expansive film about the famed singer has instead become the premise of a mildly entertaining but overextended road movie that doesn't succeed on either dramatic or comedic terms.
June 19, 2004
The Phil-Larry dynamic makes up most of the movie and the strain of turning an anecdote into an demi-epic can be felt throughout the movie.
June 18, 2004
Gram Parsons' last rites were among the most extraordinary in rock history. Too bad this retelling of the singer's final adventure is so tame.
June 18, 2004
A ho-hum, meandering road movie, albeit with an extremely cool soundtrack.
June 17, 2004
The script ... leaves a lot to be desired, strewn with dialogue as flat and stale as old beer and some invented characters who make the events depicted seem more silly than anarchic.
January 9, 2018
Shannon does a great turn as the archetypal failed hippy idealist... and while the rest of the cast are sterling rather than shining, the script and David Caffrey's tyro direction are tight enough to pull the whole vehicle along.
June 13, 2008
Don't let Knoxville's Jackass pedigree put you off - he can be subtle as well as gross.
April 1, 2006
February 9, 2006
there are worse ways to pay respect to music legends
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