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June 17, 2004
Irish director David Caffrey and English screenwriter Jeremy Drysdale have, respectively, zero sense of pace and a tin-eared grasp of period speech, and together fail either to let us care about their characters or to create any sense of a living era.
March 16, 2004
Fans of the low-budget indie scene and rock 'n' roll historians should enjoy this unpretentious, sweet-natured take on an incident that already seemed like something out of the movies.
March 3, 2004
I can't say that Johnny Knoxville won't one day exhibit some acting scope, but I haven't seen it yet, and that makes a movie hinged on his name and talent a dicey proposition.
February 13, 2004
As a mildly engaging and well-intentioned 'road flick', it's much better than it should have been and certainly less commanding than it probably could have been.
January 27, 2004
A rock'n'roll road movie like no other. Wherever he is, Gram should get a kick out of it.
January 17, 2004
It's given a low-key treatment that only serves to highlight the parts that don't seem logical, but the outgoing performances make it watchable, if not especially memorable.
December 2, 2003
An incredible true story unnecessarily embellished with banal fictitious details
December 2, 2003
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