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One of the most popular novelty songs of recent memory forms the basis of this animated holiday-themed comedy. As if young Jake Spankenheimer doesn't have enough problems on Christmas Eve, he has to help his mom and dad prevent mean-spirited Cousin Mel (voice of Michele Lee) from taking ownership of the family store. When his grandmother gets lost in the cold in the midst of the confusion, Jake is sent out to find her, only to discover that she's become the victim of a rather unusual hit-and run accident -- and that Santa is real, but not quite the sort of guy he was expecting. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer was directed by Phil Roman, who previously helmed several of the Peanuts TV specials in the 1970s and was a producer for the TV series King of the Hill and The Critic. Elmo Shropshire, who as one-half of Elmo and Pasty recorded the hit version of the song, narrates the story and contributes new songs for the soundtrack. ~ Mark Deming, Rovi

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Michele Lee
as Cousin Mel
Sue Blu
as Grandma
Alex Doduk
as Jake Spankenheimer
Jim Staahl
as Santa Claus

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Audience Reviews for Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer

An abomination to animation. All this movie does is piss off your intelligence to the point of making it painful to watch. All this movie consists of is horrible animation, appalling & preposterous voice castings (one of the worst things in this sequence of moving characters), an out-of-the-dumpster plot & story (seriously, Santa gets sued), annoying characters, horrible songs (the song this crap was inspired from is actually pretty good, but gets irritating after a while), & an overall bad animated film. Now, while this movie sucked, & it is actually one of the worst animated movies I have ever seen, it is not the WORST I've seen. That spot is already taken by the Titanic animated movies, & The Little Cars. Plot/Story: The plot of thefilm should be pretty obvious from the title; a kid's grandmother gets run over by one of Santa's reindeer. So from that, you wonder how you can possibly extend it to 50 minutes. Well, apparently the animators of this found a way by adding a grandmother that lost her memory from that impact & then somehow lost her memory while also being taken care of at Santa's workshop, an evil gold-digger cousin named Mel that wants to take over the family business from her own great aunt at any cost along with an accomplice (appropriately & creatively named Ms. Slime) & then sell it, & Santa Clause getting his ass sued by that same accomplice & evil cousin. Yeah, from that, you can't expect a good film with those plot elements thrown in. All of them are incomprehensible & do not make anymore sense as they go by. Cast/Acting: Casting choices are loaded with no-names, & they are all done wrong, seriously. It's like whoever directed this movie just asked the actors to voice whichever character they're fingers randomly landed on & go from there. Not only are the casting choices for the characters bad, but they are also horribly done; no character in here with the exception of Cousin Mel & Jake sound anything like they're characters. Grandma sounded like some annoying half-wit that seemed to have gotten a squeaky toy stuck in her piehole, grandpa sounded like some obnoxious guy who was in his early twenties & hadn't yet hit puberty, & Santa sounded young as well, nothing like the jolly fat old man he is supposed to be. Songs: As far as I can recall, there were only less than a handful of songs in here, next to the main theme song of the movie. But by handful, I actually mean I can't remember any other songs in here other than "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" & "Grandma's gonna sue the pants off of Santa". I will admit, that as random as "Grandma's gonna sue" was in the film, it was actually pretty catchy. But hearing it again & again more than 3 times a day or every few days would drive me insane (because the lyrics are actually the same over & over again). Animation: It sucks. The animation in here is not only inconsistent, but also choppy, & very cheap. There are a handful of moments where the animation is pretty clean & smooth, but the rest of it is just awful. Heck, a lot of the character's looked deformed! I swear I noticed how one of Cousin Mel's gigantic tits (I think it was the right boob) shrunk & regrew every frame for about 10 seconds! Everything else in this is just crap. I understand TV-made films are on liited budgets, but this is no excuse. Disney's "Beauty & the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas" was done by the Disney Television animation industry, & even that movie had some beautiful animation for a TV-animated movie.

Frisby 2007
Frisby 2007

Super Reviewer


At 50 minutes this Christmas special is a short and sweet watch over the Christmas period. The animation is bright and the colours are thick, making it an attractive watch for the younger audience. It's based on a song and so there isn't much in the way of plot, but at least it isn't stretched out. The musical interludes are also sweet and often entertaining, apart from the slightly disturbing Grandpa's Gonna Sue the Pants of Santa. That was just peculiar. One thing I really liked about this was the money grabbing owner of the huge company, was actually a nice person. He doesn't threaten Grandma after she refuses to sell her shop to him, and he gives the boy a chance to find his Grandma before making the deal. That was a nice change.

Luke Baldock
Luke Baldock

Super Reviewer

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