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August 16, 2011
A fine performance by Jacqueline Bisset (one of her best) but the average script suffers from too many dull men. Granted Bisset is the "Grasshopper" who can't settle down but you can't blame her for these hopeless men she encounters. Even, Jim Brown as a retired football player is given a bland role.

The familiar story of a starlet descending on LA and hoping to be "A Star Is Born" is tired. It's a depressing movie since her character is abused, raped, robbed, and ridiculed over not having any talent. I couldn't understand how a smart and sassy character like hers, would allow herself to get involved with a loser like Jay (Christopher Stone). I wish the movie had a better message than "life sucks so fuck it." The scenes of Las Vegas are splendid and I would have stuck with Bisset's efforts to become a showgirl. Whenever, the movie leaves the glitter of Las Vegas, it sinks.
May 24, 2011
Jacqueline Bisset is such a beautiful woman, even now and this movie showcased her brightly.
½ March 30, 2011
An examination of a young woman's life and her moral downfall because she does what she wants to get the most out of life. This creepy tale, with a little touch of that indie feel, has it's tecjnical problems, but is very interesting.

Only 19, Christine runs away from home to live with her highschool sweetheart who has gone to work in L.A. But that kind of life doesn't turn out to be that exciting to Christine, so she goes on her own to Las Vegas where she goes on to become a dancer, has affairs with many men, and keeps plummeting down morally into a degrading lifestyle. At first Jacquline Bisset doesn't seem like the best choice. Maybe it was her accent, but proves to evolve as her character evolves, making a great performance in the end. Her other co-stars do a great job as well, as a variety of characters that really paint a picture of different men, lifestyles, and attitudes that the world has to offer. This crazy tale of bad move after another really makes you think if Christine is really living the life she wants, or if she will ever be satisfied with what she has. This balance of life-loving actions and responsibility is the moral here. You can't just go and do whatever you want because Karma will balance that out nicely. But I guess this movie's problem is that we never really know the answer in the end. We see one even after another without thinking, yet there's no moral closure.

It's a small bit movie, so it's not really flashy, but with what this movie has and the way it's directed really builds up the story and makes for a very good looking enviroment. Very nice directing decisions are noticeable, with a lot of moving camera actions and close angles, this movie looks really good. But my biggest problem is the editing. The pacing and editing of the movie seems way too wild and you barely get a breath in to get into the moment of the movie, the scenes change really fast. I guess that kind of fits the movies theme of running through life too fast in Christine's crazy lifestyle, but still, I would have liked the movie to pause just a bit and absorb the character's emotions. I'm sure the directing had nothing to do with it, but the movie was cut way too fast. On the other side there's some original music scores that, though at time seems too light, it somehow seems to fit the scenes well and paint a nice picture of Christine's emotions and situations.

Grasshopper is a good story that's plenty creepy, unsettling, and through the movie you just end up hating Christine. Which is good. But where this movie goes others have gone even further, and with some technical problems with editing it's hard to get into this movie at times. But overall Grasshopper is a great look of modern moral situations and tempations that make a nice little depressing story.
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