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May 26, 2014
A solid telling of a true event, starts and ends with documentary and news reel footage. The planning and execution of the POW camp raid of the Rangers with the help of the Filipinos is awe inspiring.
½ May 23, 2014
ok WWII pic post WWII.
May 18, 2014
½ April 30, 2014
A long movie about the great raid/prison escape on a Pacific Island during WWII. It was better than I expected, and it was more interesting with a better battle scene than I expected. It was a little too long, mostly due to the unessersary and misplaced romance story, which shouldn't be in the movie at all. It just gets in the way, and is unbelievable and shouldn't be in the film. The movie begins pretty slow with the exception of the Japanese murdering prisoners, but after that is pretty slow for a while. Nothing really of significance happens with the advancing Rangers for most of the movie, so all the interesting stuff surprisingly happens in the POW camp. The battle at the end is far better than I expected, and did a good job of showing the slow escape and battling the charging Japanese soldiers. The Japanese commander surviving most if the battle and attacking the Americans by himself portrays him as the main evil bad guy who of course has to be the last to die like any action hero movie. So I didn't like that part. But at the very end after the escape when the nurse goes to find her former POW lover, and he is dead, is in my opinion a far better way to end the romance story, than having him survive and live happily ever after with her. That may sound dark, but I think it was better that he didn't live, because its far less predictable and ends the movie with the right message without glamorizing war. Romance stories don't belong in war movies, which is shown well in Enemy at the Gates. So it was an ok, long, fairly uneventful movie, which is nothing like The Great Escape, which is a far better POW prison break movie, but it's not about the same camp.
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½ March 9, 2014
Terrible, sappy, made-for-TV quality. This film is beneath the caliber of the actors in it and almost trivializes the participants in the real-life event.
½ February 16, 2014
At times boring but in the end the film got interesting overall this movie is a solid .
February 12, 2014
Pretty good movie, very good story.
February 3, 2014
A troubled movie that was often delayed before finally coming out. Tells the story of a rescue mission in the Philippines. It tells the tale from a few different perspectives, but this just muddles things. The pacing is off and they don't add to the end product at all. Has a pretty decent cast, but the film is mostly a muddled mess and not as interesting as it could be.
½ January 19, 2014
I like that it includes the unsung heroes--the brave filipinos that fought guerilla style and clandestine; the brave nurses; sure it has some subplots with a little romance but it attempts to show that the war against the Japanese occupation was more than just a single raid. I thought the battle scenes were free of cliche shots: it was refreshing to see solders without the steel pot helmets that were ditched for this particular assault .
½ December 13, 2013
It's more of The Great Sleeper than The Great Raid.
½ December 4, 2013
omg that was pretty terrible. so slow .acting was God awful. the story was there but wasn't done good at all.
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½ November 27, 2013
The film tries to diverge into three different story arcs and while in the hands of capable director's would be a feasible mission, here it really distracts and muddles the film. The film drags along and is split between the different groups and is divided and doesn't flow cohesively Several of the casting choices are odd and distracting to the narrative as well and not until the actual raid itself does the film get exciting. There are some good dramatic scenes in the first half of the film but the pacing was all over the place and the multiple arcs made it choppy. the film simply covers an important event historically and doesn't add anything special or original to it and does a poor job at simply following a cohesive storyline.
November 23, 2013
"This is strictly for WWII buffs." I recommend Rescue Dawn or Hart's War. "The story line is telegraphed from word one and the meticulous unfolding plot plods ahead inexorably without the slightest bit of suspense." "The English Patient" angle complicates things unnecessarily and adds a dreary half hour to the film. Once the raid finally starts the relief is palpable, among the POWs and audience. "It lacks both excitement and outrage, and all that remains is solemnity." Which is fitting for the most disastrous loss and greatest rescue mission in US history. There aren't many films made about the Filipino theater, if you are curious about it and a Franco-phile it might be worth a watch.
½ October 30, 2013
not the best war film but not a bad one. the story seemed to be told well
October 13, 2013
An amazing movie!!No man should ever be left behind!!
June 7, 2013
Great acting and effects.
½ May 14, 2013
The Great Raid is more of a drama film than an action movie. The raid is shown to you in the last 50 minutes. I saw this film only because it had James Franco in it. this film is okay, but this film is based on a real incident, America's most successful raid in history. The direction and acting are pretty good.
May 9, 2013
Good film which shows the horrors of world war 2.
March 24, 2013
Not a half bad attempt, but is a rather long film.
March 24, 2013
top film when you see a film like this hard time,s they had to put up with where nout like today
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