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The Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery Reviews

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April 4, 2007
ha ha i wish i attended a skool like that xD
½ December 15, 2006
The last of the St. Trinian's films and the first one in colour. Frankie Howerd & Dora Bryan are super in this one. The train chase in super, 3 generations can laugh at that.
September 17, 2006
sumin i can r8 properly wud b gr8
August 16, 2006
i love the st trinians films makes me want to be in their sixth form!
½ January 13, 2005
Everything about The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery is methodical. The plan is laid out, you're in on the whole thing. It's as if you're the invisible fifth man on this robbery. The storyline is very simple and easy to follow because it's basically dictated to you. What draws back on this film is the love interest between Steve McQueen and his counterpart's sister. It's put there delibrately to give us the counterpoint to McQueen's intentions. "Don't do it, don't do it, let me help you please!" Err! It's a movie about a damn bank robbery for Christ's sake! Stick with that and draw out the holdup a little longer and never mind that it's based on true events, this is Hollywood, exaggerate a little!! Wow, I sound like one of them high powered execs rite there. Good movie tho, check it out.
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