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July 6, 2019
Zobel has crafted a winner here - a promising debut film that heralds the arrival of a thrilling new talent.
November 17, 2011
February 22, 2008
Craig Zobel's soul-crushing docudrama slums in the real rags-to-rags tragedy of the lowest rung of the music industry.
February 9, 2008
Great World of Sound is a corrosive antidote to "American Idol."
October 26, 2007
A confident, sure-handed exercise focusing on the American Dream, turned nightmare.
October 17, 2007
Displays all the trademarks of a true indie effort, especially in its refusal to sentimentalize either the characters or their situations.
October 17, 2007
Everybody's got a song to sing, and we'll all believe exactly what we want for just as long as we can.
October 12, 2007
The pros and cons of the film are in direct proportion to the personalities of the two main characters, whose relationship is the story's anchor.
October 11, 2007
Director Craig Zobel and co-writer George Smith imbue our two misfits with plenty of character depth and an intriguing camaraderie.
October 6, 2007
The laughs flow.
October 5, 2007
A quiet, clever and sometimes moving film about an unusual grifting lifestyle.
October 4, 2007
Great World of Sound exposes the scams of so-called talent scouts who fleece gullible songwriters answering their misleading advertisements.
September 29, 2007
"Great World of Sound" is a sleeper independent film destined to become an underground classic.
September 28, 2007
Funny, often cringe-inducing and, at heart, a real moral drama, Great World has a lot to say about the state of culture, commerce and self-delusion in our celebrity-craving society.
September 28, 2007 involving, offbeat and truly unusual American independent film.
September 27, 2007
Zobel's directorial debut is as bleak a look at working as Miller or Mamet's efforts, but what's most striking about this bittersweet drama is its absence of indignant rage.
September 21, 2007
A cinematic effort of striking confidence...It's a film that will upset, entertain, and bore, often in the same moment.
September 20, 2007
Kene Holliday, who many might remember as Andy Griffith's African-American sidekick on the TV series Matlock back in the late Eighties, revitalizes his career here with a nonpareil outing which ought not be forgotten come Oscar time.
September 14, 2007
Much of the movie is spot-on.
September 14, 2007
One the most impressive and promising feature debuts since Richard Linklater's Slacker.
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