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August 12, 2016
One of the timeless classics.
November 23, 2010
As RT has only seen fit to have this ONE example of the 60's hit television show Green Acres, I will be forced to just comment about what I own. I have the first two seasons, and they are watchable over and over again.

The show lasted for six glorious years. High profile lawyer and airhead wife move to Hooterville, a land that time forgot in rural America. All the city ways of these two tenderfoots get wrapped up in the most hilarious circumstances as they try to run a farm.

Veteran movie actor Eddie Albert makes the transition to television in stupendous fashion. Wife Eva Gabor likeways trancends to the television medium in totally unexpected greatness.

The seasons aren't terribly expensive and each season packed with episodes. The first introduces the concept of these hopelessly naive transplants from New York city to a farm life and culture they no nothing about.

Its a hoot, in Hootersville.
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