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June 2, 2014
Recorded at their June 2005 two-night run at Milton Keynes National Bowl in England, the first half is essentially a run-through of the band's 2004 album American Idiot, complete with anti-American rabble-rousing and a set of barbed insults tossed back at the "rednecks" back in the States. They then band careen into a sort of greatest-hits set, with "Longview" and "Hitchin' a Ride" sharing space with a brass-laden "King for a Day" that sees Billie Joe Armstrong prancing around the stage in crown and ermine cape, singing snatches of Lulu's "Shout" and Eric Idle's "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life." Fot their encore they perform "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)". Favorite tracks for me include "Holiday", "Longview", "Brain Stew", "Basket Case", and "Wake Me Up When September Ends".

Two major complaints: rather than having the show in one section and the interviews with the band in another section, they are all intermixed, severely limiting the continuity of the show. Moreover,is the incessant editing of the show - the camera jumps angles every few seconds - deteracted from the music. At 65 min., they could have squeezed in a couple more songs, but in the end this is a very enjoyable performance.
March 3, 2014
Green Day is my everything. And this movie, is just pure epic ness.
January 30, 2013
the best concert/ movie ever
January 8, 2013
It's a documentary and a concert all packed in one extrodinary DVD! It also portrays why Green Day's been my favorite band for all these years! "SOMEBODY FUCK ME!"
September 22, 2012
i love this moive /concert!!they r such a good band!!i could listen to them all day but i listen to afi all day!!lol!!but they r like by 6 or 7th fav. band!!they r good they have been around for a long time!!

September 22, 2012
if you like green day its a very good behind ths sean ...concert dvd..
September 12, 2012
Green Day SUCKS!!! They think they're punk but they're just pathetic posers.
August 4, 2012
I've seen some of it, I probably won't like it all, but I'm sure to like some of it. Its still Green Day.
½ July 20, 2012
Shot on cocaine injected with acid laced interviews, Bullet in a Bible is an amplified rock show that you'd have to be a Green Day fan to enjoy. Shouting anti-USA war fragments before almost every song, front man Billie Joe Armstrong sings sloppy lyrics through a deep, scratchy voice while Dirnt and Cool play silently in the background. The music is OK, but the real jewel in the Bible is the interviews and mini-documentaries shoved in between songs. When we're not seeing self indulgent black and white close ups of Armstrong discussing his techniques, we're often taken on a tour of the stage, interviewing the far funnier and interesting Tre Cool, or talking to an audience member. The show is set up as a mini-woodstock with one band playing, so there are tons of drugged out Englishmen doing ridiculous mosh pit activities, many of which are captured on tape. A decent capture of a lacking concert.
July 14, 2012
Green Day Rocks!!!!!!!!
June 22, 2012
This is by far my favorite and first concert film. After watching this and listening to American Idiot, my interest in Green Day was boosted big-time. The CD track list is the exact same as the DVD but still great to listen to. The concert (DVD) is much more than a performance on camera, they go backstage and talk about whatever and mainly talk about how they wrote the masterpiece that is American Idiot. There is also footage from past concerts and just shows how they have evolved as a band and how Green Day is not an interchangeable system, it takes everything from all the members to conquer music!
June 16, 2012
This is the greatest band in the world doing what they do best. I have never seen any other band perform as well as Green Day does.
May 13, 2012
A very impressive documentary which follows Green Day's performance at Milton Keynes in London. Quirky quotes, funny material, great songs and exclusive interviews make this movie a very fun watch.
April 24, 2012
i ttly love green day yea!!!
½ April 16, 2012
i loved this movie it was sooooooooo cool and i love GREEN DAY
April 10, 2012
Green Day rocks I will have to check this one out!
April 1, 2012
the best concert ever
March 30, 2012
This is a mix of Very Good Effects and excellent music , Green Day never seems to disappoint!
March 8, 2012
Green Day has proved that even though we may not get a another Pink Floyd or Beatles we have somthing that will do for now.
February 25, 2012
Great performance with stunning effects and visuals, well worth it
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