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September 9, 2014
where Gotham Knight haphazardly threw together a collection of forgeable stories, Emerald Knights bookends a collection of great origin stories from some of the most interesting Lanterns with an eve more interesting one.
August 29, 2014
A perfect green lantern story. Great voice acting and story writing. Its paced well and doesn't over stay it's welcome.
August 23, 2014
Typical qualities - the performances in acting and animation specifically the action - with the story developments at a level between nice and okay, we're given a better Green Lantern being the best yet than the previous animated film and the live-action film. (B+)

(Full review coming soon)
½ August 12, 2014
My favorite Green Lantern animated movie! Highly recommended for anyone who wants to know more about the Green Lantern Corps!
½ August 9, 2014
This was a collection of mini stories about several green lanterns connected under one umberalla. I enjoyed the side stories quite a bit, maybe more than the main story. Enjoyable if one is interested on the history and backstory I the lantern core.
August 2, 2014
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July 4, 2014
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June 8, 2014
This is one of my Top 5 most favorite direct to DVD DC animated original movies. The stories are interesting, the voice acting is very well done, and the animation is amazing. I loved the one story with the tale of the first Green Lantern and how awesome it looked while he was taking down the enemy ships. I also liked the story with Green Lantern member known as Mogo who I was first introduced to in this movie and later enjoyed more in Green Lantern The Animated Series as well in modern GL comics. All and all this is a kick ass movie and I m glad I have a free digital copy of it with my laptop and didn't have to spend any money. I m glad I waited before I spent too much money on the two disc special edition of the movie which I really wanted. You can get Emerald Knights as a free download with the Green Lantern live action movie on both the DVD & Blu-ray copies of the film.
½ May 25, 2014
Interesting but not particularly exciting.
½ May 11, 2014
This is a collection of short stories from the Green Lantern Corps. Some of them are pretty good. The voice acting and animation is good. Mostly kid friendly.
May 5, 2014
good cartoon movie... for beginers that have no idea of what the green lanterns are about.. a copy of the green lantern corps comic book. with a kick !
April 18, 2014
Great movie! Classic Hal Jordan!
½ April 10, 2014
I really enjoyed this. With the GL books slowly becoming my favorite in DC, this was a nice way to see some of the background I missed.
March 23, 2014
I love how most of these Tales of the Green Lantern Corps were co authored by Alan Moore. The books were a bit darker, but this was still very enjoyable.
March 21, 2014
Short Stories about the GL Corp, It's an awesome movie
½ February 22, 2014
very cool back story approach works well and keeps you into story line
February 11, 2014
I am partial to my superhero movies so I liked this but a little predictable.
February 9, 2014
Great DC out does Marvel with these animation movies. I fear that their live action movies will not live up to the animation department showings.
January 28, 2014
sucks initiated 15% then unable to watch might as well uninstall
January 10, 2014
Waaaaaaay better than the real life movie, this movie is a great version of "The Green Lantern Corps" from the 1990's; which is a series of smaller stories told in a large movie. Fans of Green Lantern will like this.
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