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½ February 11, 2015
Revealing, engaging, enjoyable, rewarding.
½ November 2, 2014
Really inspirational film. But a bit too dragged out...
½ August 1, 2014
Fascinating and interesting, a chronicle of devotion to art and craft.
April 27, 2014
It's something exceptional when you create something amazing from a single thought in your head but it was even more of an experience as the viewer that he was able to verbalize his personal experience and point out specific connections on his journey. Gregory also had some really great thoughts on the creative process and creativity in general.
September 2, 2013
Conveys the mood of the photographs, while allowing you to appreciate the work that everyone puts in the creating them. An enjoyable and enlightening little doc.
September 2, 2013
Absorbing documentary about a fascinating artist and the process of creating his art.
July 27, 2013
Love his photography!
July 13, 2013
A very engaging documentary about to what lengths an artist will go to realize their vision and how passion drives action
June 13, 2013
BIG BIG fan of his work. Seek it out if you can. Loved seeing how his pieces came into fruition. A must-see for all lovers of photography.
June 2, 2013
Gregory Crewdson: Brief Encounters-2012

The movie is a study of one man ever increasing obsession to create perfect representation of his thoughts. Far any concept of photography, Crewdson obsession with perfection drives him to fabricate backdrops on a grand scale and control every detail in them.

The movie follows Crewdson through his process of envisioning concepts and following through with an emotion or thought evoking disturbing, surreal images. Teams of lighting crews spend days setting up enormous lighting rigs, cutting down street signs and manhandling the locals to insure the large scale production reach their goals. More like a movie production teams assistance gather 20 or 30 lamps so Greg can pick one for the shot. Sets are built to exacting specs and much work is spent artificially aging them.

There are some brief interviews of the arc of his ?Beneath the Roses? through the present.

BC 06-13
May 25, 2013
Looks interesting as he creates staged art photos
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