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Based on true events, the film follows three aspiring filmmakers trying to document unexplainable events in an abandoned insane asylum known as Greystone Park. Urban legend has it that anyone who ventures into the forsaken hospital will suffer the consequences and face their own horrors. The trio stumble across a mysterious realm of escaped patients, ghosts and demonic shadows, as they try to uncover the truth behind Greystone Park.
R (for language throughout, and brief disturbing images)
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Sean Stone
as Sean
Oliver Stone
as Oliver
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Dull, plodding horror loaded with annoying characters and the only pedigree is that it's from the son of Oliver Stone, which is no longer a selling point for me. Pass.

Bill Bryant
Bill Bryant

Greystone Park (Sean Stone, 2012) Ho hum, another x-jumps-per-minte shakycam haunted-house tale supposedly based on a true story. They heark back to the whole "we'll use the actors' real names to give this a semblance of verity" from The Blair Witch Project, which is roughly the most interesting thing about it. I admit that part of me's interested to find out which parts of this are true (I suspect it's the bits that frame the actual picture of the sitting-around-and-telling-ghost-stories variety), but not enough to actually go and do the research; this is just another case of a movie using the "based on a true story" shtick to try and sell some tickets (or, in this case, rentals). If you've seen every other shakycam horror film in existence and need just one more, this will fill the bill. Otherwise, avoidable. *

Robert Beveridge
Robert Beveridge

I love found footage films, even bad ones are usually fun, but this may be the exception. Most of the effects were sounds, weird camera angles, intentional out of focus, and odd lighting edited very fast. I can live with that, it was kind of interesting (dizzying, but interesting). The biggest flaw was lack of commitment. When the film ended, I still wasn't sure if it was a ghost film, demon film, or escaped/brought back lunatic film. The confusion was distracting and made for a less than satisfying film

John Wagner
John Wagner

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