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Griff the Invisible Quotes

  • Melody: I'm not who you think I am.

  • Melody: What were you like as a kid?
    Griff: Small?

  • Melody: I live in a bubble that no one, no one gets into. I feel like an alien. I live in a completely different world to the one everyone else is in. I can't communicate with anyone. I can talk to them but I can not.. communicate. But you.. Griff, you get into my bubble.

  • Melody: I know who you are. You are me, and the opposite of me. You are the question, I am the answer. You are the proton, I am the neutron.
    Griff: You are a magnetic field and I am as light, forever drawn to you.

  • Melody: The city needs you.

  • Griff: Before I tell you this, you have to commit to a vow of secrecy unlike any other.
    Griff: I'm not who I seem to be.
    Griff: I have powers.

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