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Grindhouse is both impressive and disappointing. From a technical and craft point of view it is first-rate; from its standing in the canon of the two directors, it is minor.

October 26, 2007 Full Review Source: Chicago Sun-Times | Comments (20)
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b x

shutup frankenstein's monster

Aug 30 - 11:38 AM

Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson

hahah, good god. and people act shocked when I say Ebert is just a old man with old man tastes but he is.

Sep 11 - 03:31 PM


In Your Dreams

More like an experienced man with proper tastes. If "frankenstein's monster" is the best you little abortions can do, it really just proves his point about this film's target audience all the more. Go back to playing with your tinker-toys and watching your mother change.

Jan 4 - 01:11 PM

Vince Vaughn not really

Glenn Vaughn

u gais r mad

Jan 5 - 03:57 PM

Danny  S.

Danny Scott

oh shut it you pathetic excuse of a rotten tomatoes comment slammer. trying to talk in condescending tones in order to make yourself feel better, have a taste of your medicine you feral buffoon.

Feb 11 - 07:21 PM

Michael Hirakida

Michael Hirakida

oh boo hoo hoo. Thats all I here from you.

Jan 7 - 10:48 PM

Chris B.

Chris Bellew

stupid idiot how about judge the movie based on it's own merits.

May 20 - 06:43 PM


Monado Wilkie

Maybe he is just pointing how obviously bad this movie truely was instead of being hyped up on how overrated people are making it.

May 31 - 11:24 AM

Tyler P.

Tyler P

Agreed. It seems as though he didn't like this movie because it wasn't as good as the directors' other efforts. That's a stupid reason to not like it.

Jun 6 - 05:53 PM

Italian Stallion

Alexander P

yep, the guy that revolutionized modern film criticism is a stupid idiot for disliking this film. what the **** man, at least look who you are trolling at

Sep 8 - 07:03 AM


Bob Loblaw

Ebert was right. This movie was awful.

Aug 18 - 07:26 PM

Ryan M

Ryan Marshall

Wake up. He gave it a 2.5/4. That's not awful.

Nov 7 - 03:07 PM

american psycho

kevin morrow morrow

thank you roger! i hated this film!

Sep 20 - 05:43 PM

Ryan M

Ryan Marshall

I quite liked "Grindhouse". I accept your opinion Ebert, for I know that you are intelligent man.

Nov 7 - 03:07 PM

Noah Abraham G.

Noah Abraham Goucher

Some people are upset because Roger Ebert dared to dislike a Quentin Tarantino film

Oct 16 - 04:09 PM

Alex Hare

Alex Hare

I would agree to an extent; if you go into this film and embrace it's cheesiness, you will probably enjoy it. If you have a taste for dramatic and dialog-heavy movies, whis one will probably be sub-par.

Nov 11 - 10:56 AM


In Your Dreams

Great review, Ebert. Death Proof was fairly original and tense, but Planet Terror was simply retarded.

Jan 4 - 01:12 PM

Brie Russell

Brie Russell

Yes, how dare a movie that was intended to be a straight up homage to shlocky 70s exploitation movies not be an artistically challenging reflection on the human condition.

May 21 - 10:33 AM

JC Martel

JC Martel

Grindhouse rocks. Roger can't be right all the time.

Jan 5 - 03:21 PM


Peter Korotaev

Wow, it's just his opinion, honestly.

Jul 3 - 09:56 PM

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