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½ February 13, 2009
this is definitely one of the better zombie films i've seen
½ February 8, 2009
absolutely hated this garbage.
January 22, 2009
Planet Terror was good. Deathproof was blah....
January 17, 2009
This movie was pretty fun overall, but Tarantino's segment just draaaaagggggggsssss
January 14, 2009
Death Proof is so bad that I can't honestly recommend watching this as a double feature. Planet Terror on it's own on the other hand...
January 7, 2009
I am familiar with "Grindhouse", ergo, I knew what to expect from this double feature. However, I expected a lot more (better) from both of the artists at the helms of each film.
½ January 2, 2009
The zombie feature "Planet Terror" is quite enjoyable, but only the second half of "Death Proof" is even remotely watchable. When the characters from the first half bought the farm I was actually quite happy: boring and self-absorbed, they had nothing to recommend them.
December 30, 2008
it is GREAT, and that lady's gun-leg is funny
½ December 29, 2008
Planet Terror was great. Death Proof do I rate a double feature???? HMMMMMM
½ December 24, 2008
Planet terror was good ..death proof was just awful
December 19, 2008
loved planet terror, hated death proof
December 15, 2008
no thanks not my thing
November 29, 2008
"Planet Terror" was enjoyable once - "Death Proof" was always shite. A totally indulgent exercise in pointlessness by two self important directors treading water.
½ November 13, 2008
es un esperimento bastante raro pero entretiene un monton
½ October 21, 2008
quintin's movie sucked but rodriguez's movie was ok. Tarintino has to find a new hobby... his movies are getting worse.
October 9, 2008
i saw this film once (only) - in it's completion (trailers ads etc.) at the de anza drive in - it can't get better than that so i won't see it again.
September 23, 2008
much better as a double feature, what the hell miramax dvds?
September 10, 2008
I've discovered that the majority of reviews for this flick are right on: the style is interesting, but the films are somehow unsatisfying. The first movie (Planet Terror) is better than the second (Death Proof) - though the friend who accompanied me disagreed. (Death Proof actually had greater potential but the execution was brutal) In the end, the experience is a thumbs up, but not a "masterpiece" as the recent ads would have you believe.

If you're wondering how this double-bill thing works, here's the lowdown: the entire experience is a little over 3 hours. For us, this included no trailers and only a 2-minute pause between films. Now, Grindhouse includes its own "trailers" for mock films, so I'm not sure if regular viewings will include an extra 10 minutes of Spider-Man and Pathfinder trailers. If so, it's a loooong night. Empty your bladder beforehand. If you can't make it beyond the break, no worries: the first 20 minutes of Death Proof are a complete waste of time. Not sure what Tarantino was thinking.

The gore factor is very very high. In fact, some of it was beyond unnecessary - to the point where it wasn't funny, it was just...crass. If you see the flick I think you'll understand what I'm hinting at here. No, it's not a genre thing.

So, if you have a stomach for B-movies and schlock, you might get into this and think it's great. My bet, however, is that most of the general public would find this experience pretty silly and tiresome.

I'll let you folks decide for yourselves.
½ August 30, 2008
Deathproof was a bit of a let down i found... but planet terror really makes up for it
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