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½ August 25, 2011
I think this used to play on TV a lot. I'm not positive if I saw it. But there was one grizzly movie I saw a couple of times that was a kiddie movie. So I think it's this one
February 5, 2011
good fam flick... both the boy and obviously trained bear are cute.
August 28, 2010
A cute family movie my mother gave me recently. It was endearing with solid performances; especially by the boy and the bear.
½ December 1, 2007
Great Family Movie !
½ October 13, 2007
5.5/10. Decent family film, one of numerous with "grizzly" in the title. (not sure why that is) It's nothing special, except for the beutiful location scenery. Fair acting. Ordinary.
May 16, 2007
great movie for all ages.
½ January 1, 2007
this movie is an old movie but a really good watch
September 13, 2006
this is actually a pretty good movie
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