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½ January 20, 2017
Grotesque is a spectacular mess. The filmmakers really didn't know. In the end we have what can be classed as 3 separate movies, and all three are awful.

The first 3rd has the family being slaughtered by punks looking to score big money by robbing the family.

The middle act has a twisted and ugly man chasing down the punks and killing them, and the aftermath with the survivors and the police.

The conclusion sees all of this as a bad movie in a theatre and showing us what the 'real' monsters are.

Not one of these acts would have made its own good movie, the summation was even worse.
September 7, 2015
Part slasher movie, part home invasion thriller, part revenge drama, part movie monster meta in-joke(?). It has no idea what it is or wants to be, but it's different; I'll give it that.
January 1, 2014
what is real or what is illusion? that's the major theme in this extremely corny late 80s horror movie. it plays more like an unintentional comedy. too much of the movie is painfully obvious in what it's intentions are making the whole gimmick it's pushing for lame. however there are a few inspired moments, but overall never achieves for anything golden. donna wilkes and linda blair do whatever is possible tor rise above the messy material.
April 1, 2013
Okay, this was a largely terrible movie, but one of those that struck me as charming in the 'so bad it's good' vein, so just strap in and give ti a look. Punkers crash the party at a remote cabin, which in turn signals the arrival of a hideously deformed killer, who may or may not be trying to help the family that;s being held hostage.

Wacky shit, worth a rental.
February 24, 2012
Damn punkers! I have yet to see an 80s Linda Blair movie that AMAZES me but at least this was better than The Chilling. I have yet to watch Hell Night, so don't get your panties in a bunch. While this may be one of Blair's less-favorable movies it's DEFINITELY one of Robert Z'Dar's better choices.
½ November 5, 2011
After getting worldwide fame for her demonic portrayal as a possessed girl in "The Exorcist" that earned her an Oscar nomination, star Linda Blair found herself type-casted and couldn't get any acting gigs other than cheap B-movies and exploitation films. Through these films Blair earned herself a loyal fan base... hell even I have a soft spot for her as "Savage Streets" is one of my all time guilty pleasures. Sadly for every loveable trash effort she did, there's a polar opposite with "Grotesque" being on the other side of the spectrum .

"Grotesque" is a typical home invasion horror flick with a young woman (Linda Blair) and her best friend (Donna Wilkes)traveling up the snow packed Rocky Mountains to spend time with her parents. When some sadistic splatter punks invade their home, killing many of the family members in order to find money, Blair's grotesque and misshapen step-brother decides to get vengeance.

What gets me about this film is it has so much fucking potential. Blair and Wilkes ("Angel") are exploitation goddesses and they are sorely underused. The plot of the grotesque brother is not given much back story and the film runs completely dry at the hour mark.

The punks themselves are so over the top and sadistic that one can't help but laugh. The best way I can describe them is the 'splatter punks' from the beginning of "RoboCop 3" with their wild spiked hair and pasty skin. They are so fucking nasty that you truly root for them to die in the absolute worst ways possible... the aspect the film sorely misses its mark on.

Other then Blair, Wilkes and our lead punks, the acting itself is quite atrocious. The worst is the two bumbling cops trying to solve the case. What did they do, cast two local yokel cops? The make-up effects also leave a lot to be desired, which is ironic as Blair's father in the film is a Hollywood horror movie make-up artist.

However these are just minor quibbles compared to the shit of all shit endings. You think the dream ending to Umberto Lenzi's "Nightmare City" was a cheap cop out... you ain't seen nothing yet! I had to restrain myself from throwing my Iron Maiden 'Eddie' bobble-head doll sitting on my coffee table through the television screen. I shit you not this is one of the worst fucking endings I have ever seen!

I wanted to like "Grotesque".... I really really did. The snowy mountain setting, the exploitation cast and the idea of a misshapen monster killing punks perks my interest but this was a poorly executed excuse of a horror film with the end-all worst wrap-up ever. What exactly Blair saw in the script to also serve as producer is beyond me.
July 29, 2011
Grotesque isn't really that good of a film. The plot's a mess, the make-up effects are horrid, and some of the acting is just awful. Besides all this, it is entertaining in a cheesy sort of way. Linda Blair stars and is an associate producer, and Tab Hunter appears for the last third of the film. For a movie entitled, "Grotesque", there's actually almost no blood at all. It's not even that brutal, and some people have said that they've almost turned it off because of its brutality. I just don't get it. Almost all of the deaths are bloodless and/or off-screen, and they wouldn't even be brutal even if they were on-screen! I'd say it's worth watching but I feel no burning desire to buy it.
September 29, 2009
In Grotesque, a gang of murderous punks break into a family's vacation home in the middle of the night in search of their money and riches, since the father (TV star Guy Stockwell) is a famous horror director. When the family gets slaughtered, the gang finds themselves in for a surprise when they find another member, Patrick (a deformed retard with super strength) who starts tearing apart the gang one by one. This process goes by very quickly, leaving the last half hour or so of the film to take a rather unique turn when the story focuses on additional family member Rod (played by other TV star Tab Hunter), Stockwell's brother who knows what went on that tragic night and takes the law into his own hands by going after two of the punks that survived the ordeal, leading to a somewhat clever twist that was unfortunately carried out poorly, thus a very unintentionally funny final few minutes of the film. Overall, I was really enjoying the way the film was going. It had the potential to be amazing, but unfortunately it stalled after it went in a different direction, which was slightly disappointing. Still, the movie wasn't that bad. This is one of those rarities where a movie like this could stand to be remade. Also, the film's lead, Linda Blair (The Exorcist), was heavily underused. Be on the lookout for other genre actors, like Donna Wilkes (Blood Song) and Robert Z'Dar (Maniac Cop films). Not the best, but if this ever came out on DVD, I would get it.
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½ October 28, 2008
When a group of punks break into a family's vaction home believeing there is money or some kinda riches to be found they get more then they begained for when the family tells them there isnt any money the group starts killing the family one by one except there daughter escapes as they chase after her they come to realize something is chaseing them the *family secret*. Starring Linda Blair this is another one of those cheesy movies to come out of the 80's but this one is alittle above the rest and kept me interested all the way threw i would recommend this.
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