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July 4, 2016
160704: I have loved Lance Henriksen since his Millennium days. When his character, Frank Morgan, first stands up in this film, he makes the ultimate gunfighter. A great outfit, white over black, with a dual pistol rig and large stainless knife. Then Morgan speaks and I just lost faith. You know that feeling, when an actor tries to be too cool and overplays his part? Well, that's what happened here. Then, as he exits the bar, Morgan misses his first attempt at re-holstering. Damn. Cool dog though. The next scene, Frank wakes up in a fit making a gun with his right hand and index finger. Am I to believe he was dreaming and instincts are so strong he makes this gesture? If he did, you'd think the index finger would be bent as if on a trigger. Am I being too critical? I could go on. I just want so badly for this film to be good and it's not. With many flaws, the worst being approximately 14 shots out of a 6 gun (I can't even pretend Morgan changed hands), I still like Gunfighter's Moon. The story is a good idea, and Henriksen is a favorite, so I tolerate the mistakes. Similar to how I feel about Los Locos (1997). Anyway, Gunfighter's Moon is worth watching. There are some good, fun action scenes; I especially like when Frank is blindsided by the assassin. I own and have seen this film at least three times and see no reason to tell people to stay away. If you're a western fan, don't think too much and it will suffice. A biased 3. Have fun.
April 5, 2015
A classic western. Must see if you like westerns.
August 22, 2009
This movie is the best western movie, I have every seen.
But I would have like for Frank to stay a little longer so he could hear his former lover tell his daughter that he is her real father. I would have also like to seen a sceen like that added to the movie. Well overall this movie was the best ever. I highly recommend watching this movie.
December 7, 2007
Good ol' fashioned western. I loved it.
August 21, 2007
i would like to see this one..
June 16, 2007
One of my favoritest movies ever! Very cute, very typically western. A good intro to the world of westerns. And Lance is just so cool.
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