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February 22, 2017
Sad to see that this rated only 40% fresh. This is a hilarious totally tongue in cheek western mockery. The acting, sure isn't top shelf Hollywood, but if it were then it would lose much of its charm.

I found it absolutely hilarious when an old west gunslinger who's badge of courage and manhood is based on the ritual of calling someone out who has wronged or insulted them so they can have a gunfight. But what's a guy like that to do when he accidentally ends up in a western Canadian town where no one owns a handgun?

The Canadians are their stereotypical kind and friendly selves, there are nods to the English/French roots of the country, together with the sense of fair play.

This is IMO a must see comedy. 5 stars for fun, 3 stars for overall storyline and acting, 4 solid stars all together.
½ July 1, 2016
130218: This movie satisfied my "I need a modern Western craving". It's got some good action, great cinematography, but more importantly, it's a fun poke at the stereotypical differences between Canadian and US residents. The primary focus is on our perceived national view of firearms, in particular handguns, but other accepted stereotypes fall victim to humourous pokes as well. Some neat single action gun handling and as I said earlier, action. Great characters & costuming. Remember I'm a hard core Western guy so perhaps my rating will be higher than yours. I only gave it 3.5. It's not awesome but it easily filled my addiction and did it with humour as well. Added bonus. Oh yeah, Canada's national police force is well represented and they are not immune from the poking either.
January 24, 2016
Cute. Nice.
JDT: good duster.
½ January 15, 2015
It succeeds first and foremost in being a damn good Western in the tradition of Silverado and Quigly Down Under. There is lone gunslinger (the good guy even if he doesn't realize it), really bad guys, a beautiful strong woman, gun play, wide-screen cinamatic landscapes and all the other topes of the Western genre. Lightly layered on top are some smart observations on the meanings of honour and self and change. The comedy flows easily and naturally from the story and thankfully not through any belabored jokes or plot devices. In the end, he gets his girl and no one loses their hats.
May 25, 2014
This movie was just fun and quirky. Did not take itself too seriously, and the characters were all lovely with all their eccentricities. It seemed to me to have that special charm that Canadian films often do. Highly recommended if you are in the mood for this sort of movie.
½ February 2, 2014
Cute funny Canadian western with an ultimately non-violent stand. Watch the end credits for very funny bloopers.
September 9, 2013
i can not get enough of this movie
½ July 31, 2013
Quirky, goofy and a bit slow...yet strangely interesting. Fish out of water story with an appealing romance. The acting is quite good, and the film is nicely shot. Gross is superb. An oddly Canadian Western. Reminiscent of the series Northern Exposure.
May 18, 2013
Gunless puts a spin on the typical Western by having its gunfighter placed in a situation he's not familiar with: Canada. Up here, the "showdown at dawn" doesn't exactly fly, and many of the gags in this comedy revolve around the expectations of a typical Western being thwarted by the quaint, gentle nature of the people of the Great White North. This ain't no Wild West; here, the people won't shoot one another just because of a misunderstanding.

However, this is all news to the "Montana Kid" (Paul Gross), who arrives in town with a noose around his neck and a tree branch dragging behind him. He had been hung, luckily on a decaying tree, and survived. His horse, whom he loves very dearly and talks to whenever possible, dragged him all the way to a small town in the Rockies, despite being badly injured. While the Montana Kid, whose real name is Sean, is getting patched up by the doctor, a blacksmith goes about tending to his horse. These heathens didn't even ask, so obviously they're bad people. Sean decides that the blacksmith, Jack (Tyler Mane), needs to be taught a lesson, so he challenges him to a duel.

The problem with that is that nobody in town has a pistol. They have shotguns for the birds, and rifles for hunting, but no pistols. Only a lady named Jane (Sienna Guillory), possesses one, although it's in severe disrepair. She offers to trade it for some manual labor, and soon enough, the town grows on Sean, and he finds himself liking the people. All except Jack, whom he swears will be soon given the fixed pistol so that a duel can take place.

The film works to subvert your expectations, just like it does to the character that Gross plays. When three men, each holding a gun, meet him outside of the local shop, you expect something serious to go down. No, they just think that it's exciting, and they're going to offer him the guns so that the duel can commence. Of course, there's one character who ends every sentence with "eh?," but I figure that's done as a loving gesture to the stereotype, considering he's the only one to do that.

Gunless is a very Canadian production, and while not known for it, there is a certain sense of humor that Canadians have. If you've seen the fantastic show Corner Gas, that's about the most well-known production I can think would be likened to this film. Being Canadian, I found it to be quite funny. There were a few misfires, sure, but what comedy is funny for the entire way through? Gunless flew by like a breeze, its 90 minute running time feeling like it went by in just a few seconds, all because I was constantly laughing.

Where I had to take issue with it is in the way it concludes its main story, Sean vs. Jack. It is, indeed, finished with a single shot, but not in the way that you'd think. You laugh in the moment but then realize how much time was spent building up to it, and that it needed to be something more. At least, that's what I thought at first, but then I figured how Sean had grown as a character by this point, and how the ending to that storyline actually does fit. I suppose the film gives you something to think about, at the very least, even if its main conclusion isn't satisfactory.

There is only one big shootout scene, which comes right near the end and features villains whom we'd previously seen only a couple of times previously. A group of bounty hunters have been chasing Sean since the beginning of the film -- although we don't see them until midway through -- and want him dead or alive. This leads to a great shootout involving the entire town, again, in a way you wouldn't initially expect.

Paul Gross is not an action hero, which makes him almost the perfect man to play a character who likes to think he's a whole lot tougher than he is. He can wave his gun around and be impressive, but this archetypal cowboy rarely has to do any fighting. Instead, he gets to play the straight man, someone who can't believe what's going on all around him. Everyone else is "crazy," even though most of them are just going about their business like normal.

He mumbles his lines way too often, though, which is a problem. It's sometimes difficult to understand what he's saying, even when he's the only one talking. His character does have more depth than is initially anticipated, though, which makes for a pleasant surprise. Sienna Guillory does nothing to make her love interest stand out, while everyone else just kind of fades into the background, save for Callum Keith Rennie who shows up to be the real bad guy -- the leader of the bounty hunters.

Look, Gunless is a funny Canadian Western that will make you laugh if you enjoy the subversion of Western tropes or Canadian humor. It has some very minimalistic approaches to its setting, some solid costumes, and enough humor to make it go by in a breeze, even if it does feel anticlimactic in its main story. It takes the understood rules of the Wild West and flips them on their head. It doesn't have great acting, but it doesn't really need to, either. It sets a modest goal and is successful in achieving it. I quite enjoyed it, and I'll recommend it to you, too.
½ March 31, 2013
Canadian western.
couple of laugh out loud moments.
½ February 9, 2013
I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the movie. I thought it was very funny and compelling.
November 9, 2012
Good movie, I really enjoyed this western as I appreciated his strong values and how he was able to soften his heart to the Canadian people. You gotta like
½ October 23, 2012
+ Funny characters
- Too simple and too easy to guess -story
+ Nice music, vistas and western atmosphere
- too short, little humor and too little action.
Its just a bit too short and simplistic. The characters are funny and the humor works, but theres not enough of it. Graham Greene, Callum Rennie and Tyler Mane as Jack the smith don't have enough space for their roles. Paul Gross, in my opinion, doesnt seem too enthusiastic about his role. Sienna Guillory is doing great. Just too short, guessable and the story doesnt have enough to carry the film any longer.
I bought this movie on DVD, and the DVD didnt have any extras, merely the film. Could have a bit drama, as it is, it is just a comedy with a few silly moments. Not much of a western either. But quite fun. Its just that theres not much of it..
September 2, 2012
Gunless rides into town a little slow, but once it finds its rhythm through Paul Gross' chemistry with the supporting cast, rides into the sunset with a big smile.
½ August 5, 2012
Just saw it on Netflix- Awesome movie!
August 1, 2012
It's so refreshing to see a movie filled with Canadian humour! For that reason alone I give it 4 stars, just because it's a rarity in itself. Fun to watch, no profanity that I can recall until the bloopers in the end credits; then it's f-bombs all over the place. But they were funny bloopers. Ok acting, nothing outstanding. Worth watching though, if you're Canadian.
Super Reviewer
½ June 26, 2012
In "Gunless," the Montana Kid(Paul Gross) has felt better than when he arrives in the sleepy town of Barclay's Brush, Canada, slumped over his horse which is also dragging a large tree branch behind it. Since he is in a foreign country, he might be forgiven if he has does not think that any of the natives speak English while showing disdain for Queen Victoria. As much as he would wish otherwise, he is not going anywhere as he could certainly use a bath and pants once the bullet is removed from his backside. He could also use a part for a gun, after challenging Jack(Tyler Mane), the blacksmith, to a shootout. While disapproving of his general behavior, Jane Taylor(Sienna Guillory) still offers Montana a place to stay in exchange for fixing her windmill.

"Gunless" is an appealing northern(for lack of a better word) which again proves that Paul Gross belongs on horseback as one of the five current actors who rock a cowboy hat.(4 if Clint Eastwood has retired from acting.) He is matched well with Sienna Guillory and Graham Greene is always a welcome presence. As light as the movie is, it is not as broad as I thought it might be, thankfully not shying away from the darker story aspects, revealing many a hidden truth in general. Specifically, the movie also serves as a gentle allegory on the subject of American foreign policy belligerence(For the record, Bill Hicks also used a western to illustrate the subject).
½ June 17, 2012
This was a wonderfully funny and charming movie. I thoroughly enjoyed Paul Gross as an American gunslinger lost in a small Canadian town. Loaded with laughs, broad and subtle, this is one of the better Western/Comedies that I've seen.
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June 9, 2012
quirky film that doesn't take itself serious. funny for a while but the silliness becomes a little to much by the end.
April 24, 2012
Funny light comedy western. Very entertaining! Loved it!
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