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July 16, 2011
classic guys on a mission movie.
June 7, 2011
Great movie. And it was the 1961! It looks like a XXI century's movie actually. Great war movie for many other reasons, check it out.
June 4, 2011
Absolutely outstanding war film. Nice action throughout.
April 18, 2011
One of my fav WW2 film....great ending!!
½ February 20, 2011
A crack British team is sent to cross occupied Greek territory and destroy the massive German guns that are destroying any chance of infiltration. It's the only option and everything depends on them. We follow the team with excellent performances from Gregory Peck & David Niven through a tight and impressive story. However you do need to forgive the special effects as it was made in 1961 and is VERY outdated but the story and plot will keep you on the edge of your seat. Excellent pace, excellent story - this film has quite obviously paved the way for many modern action films.
January 6, 2011
Kept you guessing, great storyline. Anthony Quinn reminds me of a young Sean Connery/Tom Selleck, a great actor.
½ December 27, 2010
Yes, Actually, the Ages Were Distracting

At one point, Gregory Peck refers to David Niven as "son." I've no doubt this was in the script. However, I further have no doubt that the line was written before the movie was cast. I looked it up, you see, because it was so jarring. This is in part because David Niven's career is older by about ten years; doubtless the war had some influence somewhere. More to the point, though, David Niven is six years older than Gregory Peck. He was fifty-one when the movie was made. Now, the Officer is often, in war movies, an older man, unless the point is how green he is. It's one of the Great War Movie Traditions, and we all just go along with it. However, I can't really do that here, because I can't believe David Niven in the character he plays. And since he was one of two characters I really knew much about, that was a problem.

There were, according to the movie, guns on the Greek island of Navarone which were a serious problem when the Allies wanted to liberate the country. There were also other places in that chunk of sea which were important to the Allies, but I don't know how much the guns--the kind on tracks so that, when they recoil, you can get them back in place--had to do with that. Anyway, a group of British officers are sent by high command to take out the guns so the island can be liberated. So Gregory Peck led a little band of men, although there was a major who was played by Anthony Quayle and supposed to be in charge, on a strike mission designed to get to Navarone, get into the bunker, and destroy the guns. Naturally, the German army is rather opposed to the idea.

I didn't really follow most of what was going on, I must admit. It's not that it's a war movie, or anyway not just that it's a war movie. It's that the suggestion at the beginning that they just load up a plane with dynamite and fly it into the cave is about as sensible as what actually ends up happening. There is this idea that we need to see movies about a Plucky Band of Outsiders taking on the whole German army and succeeding even when it's obvious they ought to have been shot and killed in the first five minutes. And while there are partisans in whatever country the movie is set in, even unto Germany itself, the partisans are never capable of much of anything. I don't even just mean that they can't help, though they really don't seem able to here. I mean that the people have to be sent in at all. Outsiders have to go in and do it for them. I think this is the same philosophy as the one in which we need an American to be in the Plucky Band of Outsiders if we Americans are to know which side we're rooting for.

It's also worth noting that this is a [i]long[/i] movie. It's over two and a half hours long. Most of it is taken up in action sequences and heated dialogue. Apparently, it's intended to be anti-war, but I don't see anything which sets it up as such. Nobody's very happy to be there, and David Niven gets a long speech about how the war is someone else's problem and he's just gotten caught up in it. The Greek peasants aren't exactly treated kindly by the Germans. I think maybe if we spent less time on gunfights and more on the problems of the guy who thinks war is glory, we might ourselves see that it isn't. I mean, okay; it's hard to go far wrong fighting Nazis, but maybe that's the problem. If you're going to make a an anti-war movie, World War II is not your prime war of choice. It's too established that the Allies really did have to fight back, and it's too easy to show Nazi atrocities.

Besides which it was done better that year in the much talkier [i]Judgment at Nuremberg[/i]. Which beat it for Adapted Screenplay, and rightfully so. The fact is, people think of this as an action movie, and action movies just go to demonstrate Truffaut's assertion that it is impossible to make an anti-war film. Yes, people die in this movie. Yes, one person dies in such a stupid way that I really don't see the point from a story perspective. Yes, one character is shown to have been so overwhelmed by despair that collaboration seems the only way out, even when another option presents itself. Yes, David Niven gets his lengthy speeches and his snide comments about Gregory Peck's duty to his men since he took his commission. It kind of makes me wonder what David Niven is doing there in the first place; I missed that bit. But anti-war? No, I don't see it at all.
December 12, 2010
Best Action Adventure film and while watching the movie,a devotion is felt in its film making
½ November 23, 2010
great Worl War II movie to add to the list of Fav's
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November 19, 2010
One of the best WWII action-adventures, with an all-star cast headed by Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn, and David Niven. A very cool film!
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November 18, 2010
I've grown up always hearing about this film, and how impeccably masculine it was. So, aside from the two female characters, it really is one of the iconic pictures to ever put a stamp on the "recruited men on a mission" sub-genre of war films. It appealed to me immensely how effective the opening narration was(seems like "Fargo"), making us believe, with that voice tailor-made for telling tall tales, how perilous the "Navarone" mission was, only then finding out that its all a work of fiction courtesy of adventure novelist Alistair Maclean. Though its quite hard to view Gregory Peck as a British, he, along with his personality, physical features and his pure cinematic presence, ably passed as a believable leader of the bunch. As for the others, headed by Anthony Quinn and David Niven, they have created great chemistry among contradicting characters, an ingredient very much common for the sub-genre nowadays but was initially sparked by the influential Kurosawa classic "Seven Samurai". There were some sequences that contained unsure, half-cooked editing, but with this film heading for an ending as anticipating and explosive(though not as morally puzzling) as the one in "The Bridge on the River Kwai", these slight blunders were easily eclipsed by its more exciting moments. "The Guns of Navarone" is one of those blockbuster war films that has carried its sense of high adventure and action consistently, while maintaining its grasp on 'morality' and a pacifist message that tells about how war can put it into 'ruins', like how their mission will wreak destruction on the eponymous weapon, and a parallel to the ancient remnants of its Greek backdrop.
November 5, 2010
An epic World War II actioner that's only major downside is being a bit too long. Still, an extra half-hour of your time is a small price to pay for one of the most fun of the 60s action films.
November 1, 2010
A strong cast head out on a suicide mission to blow up the german guns on the island of Navarone.
October 31, 2010
Pelicula Muy bien actuada y encima veridica
½ October 29, 2010
Epic Guys on a mission movie with Gregory Peck and David Niven leading a group of rag tag soldiers to blow up German guns on a greek island. Some great performances and great suspense and action
October 9, 2010
Definitely one of the "must-see" war films of the 1960's, this one tells the tale of a group of commandos, led by Gregory Peck and Anthony Quayle, who are given the assignment of destroying two huge German guns installed on a hilltop fortress in Greece. It's a race against time, as the guns are preventing aid and supplies from coming to a large group of British soldiers trapped on one of the Greek islands, and the team has only days to complete their mission before the Germans attack and kill these men.

This is a real-edge-of-your-seat film, and most definitely a "manly man" type of movie. It wastes very little time on romance and other diversions, sticking to the action and the story while throwing a few unexpected twists and turns in along the way.

A fine ensemble cast, which includes Anthony Quinn, James Darren, Richard Harris and David Niven, among others, really raises the bar.
October 9, 2010
Definitely one of the "must see" war movies of the 60's, this one is about a group of commandos , led by Gregory Peck and Anthony Quayle, assigned to destroy two huge German guns installed on a hilltop fortress in Greece, to allow aid and supplies to come to a large group of soldiers trapped on one of the Greek islands. It's a race against time, to save these men before the Germans can attack and kill them.

A real edge-of-your-seat film, and definitely a "manly man" movie, this one sticks to the story and the action with very little in the way of any romantic diversions. Top-notch acting from the fine ensemble cast, which also includes Anthony Quinn, James Darren and David Niven, among others.

The only flaw in the plot is the fact that it is glaringly obvious that their group has a traitor early on in the film, a fact which they seem to ignore until much later on, when it is almost too late. Still, it's a fine story and it takes a number of unexpected turns, while keeping the suspense revved up all the way through.
October 4, 2010
One of my all time favs. Great movie.
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