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January 4, 2010
Excellent although surprisingly long War Movie. I hadn't seen it for ages and spent much of the film recognising all the locations in Rhodes that I probably didn't know last time!
December 26, 2009
wow umn just seen this movie 4 the 1st time n think that this is a good movie 2 watch.....its got a good cast of actors/actressess throughout this movie....i think that stanley baker, david niven, gregory peck, richard harris, anthony quayle, anthony quinn, carl foreman play good roles/parts thorughout this movie........i think that the director of this war/drama/adventure/classics movie had done a good job of directing this movie because you never know what 2 expect throughout this movie......i think that this is a reallly powerful drama movie 2 watch....i think that the fight scenes n the gun shoot outs were good thorghout this movie
December 19, 2009
Tied with The Great Escape and, as of just recently, Inglourious Basterds, as the best WWII adventure film.

The mission to destroy the title guns is as epic as they come, and Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn, and David Niven deliver stellar performances.
December 15, 2009
i have seen it when i was a kid :D
December 9, 2009
Well made World War II film set in Greece about the destruction of a large Nazi base, features non stop action throughout and multiple plot twist. Peck, Quinn, and Niven shine as the key players of the squad sent out to destroy the guns of Navarone. Guns of Navarone has alot of the staples of the 50's and 60's war film craze, that was probably an influnence to films like the Dirty Dozen, Where the Eagles Dare, and Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds. The only problem that I had with the picture was that it seemed a bit long, but it's hard to say that sense the action never lets up.
November 25, 2009
Excellent film. However, not as great as Bridge On the River Kwai, The Dirty Dozen, and the Great Escape but still excellent. Gregory Peck is great as always but the best acting in this film was David Niven as Miller and Anthony Quinn as Andrea. They dominated every scene they were in. Good plot twists and a great ending. Good fast pacing especially later in the film which kept the interest flowing. Definitely need to read the novel to see if the film was as good.
½ November 22, 2009
If you're into suspense and drama in WWII movies, this is a good one to see. The cast is superb (it has Gregory Peck which is not why I give it 4.5 stars!) all of the best of the best of that time. You'll love the intrigue and suspense as this group of men work to...well, I can't give it away - just let me say you'll need to bring an extra change of underwear for this one!
November 22, 2009
Brilliant. Based on a brilliant Alistair MacLean book, and with a brilliant cast this is a really great movie.
November 20, 2009
It's OK, I just didn't really like it that much.
November 12, 2009
Oh Love this movie Gregory Peck is so handsome and great movie action
November 2, 2009
Dated, but a decent story.
October 27, 2009
disappointing, brainless WWII "mission" movie that hasn't aged well. mildly entertaining, but my mind wandered. while gregory peck's performance is decent, overall this one's a dud.
October 26, 2009
one o/ the great WWII movie ... along with Dirty Dozen & Where Eagles Dare
October 11, 2009
As with all the Maclean novels-to-films, the book is probably better, but this one seems pretty fair to the material. Realistic situations with Stukas going against patrols in Afghan-like terrain, plus a good prequel narration about the situation with implacements on the Agean sea. One of Anthony Quinn's best performances, as with Irene Papas.
October 9, 2009
An excellent adventurous war film from the writer that brought you Where Eagles Dare. It is able to build such incredible scenes of action and suspense. Lots of rich characters too. I also just realized that Hot Shots Part Deux parodied a few scenes as well. A masterpiece in my opinion.
½ October 7, 2009
It's difficult, unless if you're a mad-chicken-hawk like John Wayne, to really even try to attempt to make war look like something fun or something to aspire to. I mention this since the Guns of Navarone is not quite pro-war, but not anti-war as Gregory Peck thought it should be seen. It shows how people in an intense war-time engagement like the men on the mission in this film will have to do just about anything - even if it means the usual hero gets just close enough to the edge of being something else entirely (not quite, but you'll see the scene I'm talking about) - in order to carry out the end goal. It also shows what kind of man it might take to give up information easily to the enemy (or maybe not, as case turns out). And certainly watching your best buddies die is never something too satisfying. Hell, maybe the whole scope of the mission and its consequences are meant to teach a valuable lesson. Points taken...

Then again, why is The Guns of Navarone so entertaining and invigorating that men from ages 5 to 95 want turn out and kick some ass after watching it? Well, it's probably because it falls into the camp of flicks like The Dirty
Dozen and Kelly's Heroes (if not quite as funny) as a movie about
Guys-on-a-Mission. In this case the mission is simple: get behind enemy
lines on the little island of Navarone, where damn giant guns (or rather cannons) are being used on allied warships and other targets, and destroy them to Hades. Of course, as one might expect, this is practically (if not just) a suicide mission, but the men- Gregory Peck, Anthony Quinn, David Nicen- all take up the cause to go and do it, along with their own few men who can just kill on a whim... that is, if they need to, such as with a knife or bare-hands.

It could be called an anti-war film perhaps, but it's ultimately an action/adventure movie, and so in its own dimension, it does... make this look exciting and dangerous but the kind us in the audience who may have not gone to war can still get behind. It's realistic fantasy, if that makes sense, and while it's more for the guys I'm sure some women won't mind taking in the main stars (I mean, Anthony Quinn, come on). For all of the intense scenes, such as the cliff climbing during the storm or, of course, the tense climax, it takes a little while for the plot to really get going. It's this exposition one has to kind of just sit up and do the best to pay attention to, knowing full well the plot will take its inevitable twists and turns and we'll be informed on what's going on again anyway (sometimes by an actual maritime clock).

Once it does, it keeps going as a relentless mission-flick, and there are two genuinely great scenes (maybe two of the best scenes in any war movie): one is when Anthony Quinn, in a line-up with his fellow British and Greek soldiers standing in front of irate Nazis, tries to get out of the lineup by saying he's just a "poor fisherman". A trick, of course, though what's great about the scene (aside from Quinn's performance) is how you're not sure if he'll be taken outside for something and then find a way back in to save the others, or if (as what happens) they all fight back by his own distraction. The other scene is deeper, and perhaps the best "serious" scene in the film, when the group realizes just before they're about to blow up the guns that they have a traitor in their midst. It's impossible to give anything away, except to say that it has a quintessential use of a silencer in a movie.
September 30, 2009
just bought this have watched a number of times very good war film and some top actors.
½ September 28, 2009
great casting, and nice script. gregory peck, david niven, anthony quinn! can't beat it!! :D
September 27, 2009
Somehow I'd always heard of this film but never actually watched the whole thing until now. Gotta say, not real impressed. Oh the cast is okay, but the story seems kind of lame. The reason they had to scale a sheer wall to get on the island seems a bit murky after seeing the picture. There would seem to be a lot of other ways to get there. I love big old war movies from "Patton" to "The Longest Day" to "A Bridge too Far", "The Train",and many many more, but didn't love this.
½ September 26, 2009
A really fun and compelling war flick, and unconventional as it happens against Greek iconography. The action holds up surprisingly well (it was one of the most expensive films ever made at the time at 8 million. That is laughable in the modern days of Michael Bay), and is a really energetic war film. But the relationships among the "men on a mission" are really at the heart of the picture. Gregory Peck and David Niven's relationship in particular really drives the movie. While both men are flawed, they are also identifiable and fun to watch, and most of the credit for the success of the film belongs to them.
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