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November 30, 2014
Remarkably subtle movie.
½ April 13, 2014
Lily Franky's is magic and Kimura Tae feels like who she really is off camera. While too long at 140 minutes, the film doesn't fail to keep the viewers engaged throughout its bloated run-time.
September 20, 2011
<백 그 1/4? 그리고 <-< (C) ?(TM)? (C) '-? '?- ,~~" (R)?? 1/2 (TM)? 건 -? <. ~ (R)" 루 "?< -배? 1/4? ,~~ (TM)? ?,. ?-> 1/4 (C)<?? ? (C)?~- - (C) -. 그~? ,"
August 1, 2011
January 8, 2011
The movie revolves around Kanao (Lily Franky...that's a dude) and Shoko (Tae Kimura), a 30-something couple and the changes they undergo in roughly a decade. It starts of with a humorous discussion about fidelity at a massage parlor (no, not the dirty kind) where Shoko's getting a massage, and then goes onto show Kanao hitting on a few girls. Apparently this is commonplace but we are left here (and many other times throughout the movie) wondering about whether the infidelity of Kanao is for real or if he's just dancing on the edges, so to speak...the impression of the latter becomes stronger. Shoko tries to be the controlling one because Kanao doesn't know how to and doesn't care, and his attitude is also the cause of Shoko's parents continually telling her he's no good.
The couple eagerly awaits the birth of their first baby. Fast forward to one year later, where Kanao gets a job as a courtroom sketch artist and we learn that the baby dies. This sends Kanao on a downward spiral where she ends up going completely insane. She has an abortion the next year (it's implied that Kanao was not informed that she was pregnant) and then starts to lose it every time she sees children, finds out she will never be able to have children again (poetic justice for squelching the second baby's life?) and then checks herself into the loony bin. In the meantime, Kanao keeps on sketching away.
Hashiguchi isn't going to leave us in their despair, so of course Shoko recovers, mentally at least, by going to some Zen center and taking up painting and then painting all over the house. Music starts to signal she's back, and here is the movie's single moment of awkward overbearing cheeziness: she lifts up a cover of rice (or something else she's cooking) and happily basks in the smell. Hashiguchi did a good job of making us realize that she was taking pleasure in the little things once again, so this in-your-face clip was not necessary.
In perhaps an anti-climactic final scene, Shoko's Dad is in the hospital and Shoko and Kanao go to Nagoya to visit her mom, who's on the verge of cuckoo. (hmm, perhaps it runs in the family?) Her other sister and uncle are trying to get her to relinquish the deed to the house so they can sell it, but Kanao tells them that Shoko's Dad is fine and that shuts them up. Nothing of note happens after that.
Story-wise, this movie is slightly above lukewarm. It has a few clever turns and twists, and while being pleasantly predictable, is ultimately predictable. But what Hashiguchi really excelled at here is his ability to bring the characters to us. We could follow the progression of Shoko/Kanao (Kanao especially) and how their environment affected them. Shoko, controlling to the point of being neurotic, is overwhelmed with situations that she can't control and we see the degenerative effects of that on her life. We also see mostly the same situations affect Kanao (brilliantly acted by Lily) in a different way. While it seems like he initially has an laissez-faire attitude, he does care and we can slowly see the changes in his facial expression at the various courtroom scenes as the acts of the criminals become more and more heinous (despite the fact that the courtroom scenes are being played out humorously) and eventually evolves from the character that Shoko initally finds refreshing, if a bit frustrating, to the one that she needs to rely upon.
At just under two and a half hours, the movie could have stood being just a bit tighter, but it became boring to the checking the clock very few times. Rating: B-
½ November 6, 2010
partially watched this movie but got it (C)( (R) (R))۶
½ October 5, 2010
Japanese movies are really good in telling stories which connect peoples heart.. This movie really shows it's credibility to won many awards and huge praises.. Although the starting part was kinda boring for me, the climax and the ending was very overwhelming. Really enjoyed a lot..
December 29, 2009
Watched this at TIFF'08... A Japanese romantic drama about a couple who experience the highs and lows of marriage and love over a 10-year period. The first 2/3 of the film was great--showing how hard love can be especially within tragic circumstances, while mixing it in with lots of wit and humour. I thought the conclusion was way too long and got pretty melodramatic and soapy--seemed like the director wanted to find a way to give it a real happy ending. The movie was also set up with the main character as a courtroom sketch artist and interjected coutroom trial scenes based on real crimes that were happening in that era--Japanese society can be pretty whacked out! The lead performances were great and if the movie was 30 min. shorter, it probably could have been the best movie I watched at the festival.
November 26, 2009
Great film about a young couple trying to keep their marriage floating. Sparse but right use of melodic background score. Depth of the characters and the portrayal of everyday mundane life is very well handled!
½ September 27, 2009
Already watch this film from Bangkok Films Festival.I'd cry so much!! how touching was this movie!!! and heartbreaking with the main actress.Anyway,i want to watch this film again and want to buy ost. from this film too.
September 25, 2009
What a pick. I hadn't done much homework. I just knew it's a movie made by a famous director and starred the man who wrote Tokyo Tower. Before watching, i thought it was a small, independent Japanese movie.

But that's a good thing to get something far beyond my expectation. It was profound. It was neat, really neat. I really like the way it shifts the mood many many times, starting as a cute funny movie, then getting a bit serious but still cute and funny, then very serious, and then kinda relieved but still with big events.

The Actress was amazing, truly amazing, she had to both express and imply almost every kind of emotions, and she delivered all the way though the ending.

Maybe it's a little weird and it might make a wrong expectation to say so, but for me this movie was really twisting and so exciting all the time, telling a story about the journey of life.

I was a bit hesitating whether to give it 4 1/2 or 5 stars, but I've never been a tough rater, and for fulfilling my day i've decided to give it a 5. Bravo!
½ September 23, 2009
2 hours 20 min about this story, what the hell? The film had about 5 "endings" but still kept on going. That really reduces the stars, even though otherwise it was okay.
August 10, 2009
nice hkiff japanese movie, it make me reflect a lots...
July 18, 2009
I enjoyed it and there were some good moments, but overall the story/pacing was a little too slow, even for a Japanese film.
½ July 8, 2009
One of the most accurate and heart-felt examination of intimacy. The music is regrettably corny, though.
July 1, 2009
I give this film a less than enthusiastic recommendation. It is a quality film and Lily Franky's performance is one to behold (even more so knowing this is his acting debut--I wonder how much he studied or trained). The film could have been more tightly edited. There are too many scenes of ... nothing. I understand this style is done too create an atmosphere and control a pace, and it's a style I generally like, but I think the director over did it. A little too often shots are *predictably* about nothing, slowing the pace without advancing or fleshing out the characters or story. They're just there to say ..."Nothing happens here" -- just like in real life. In the end, however, my only real criteria for not giving it higher marks is that I have no desire to watch it again. It came, it was good, but now it's gone.
½ July 1, 2009
story is very touch....
½ June 12, 2009
Painful to face to full of reality of married people' life, Kimura Tat and Lily Franky's acts were really good.
June 4, 2009
This film begins as such a poignant, moving drama that it even caused me to tear up a bit during one of many subtle yet powerful scenes. It isn't until the second half that the sentimentality starts feeling forced. One of things this film had going for it was its simplicity, but the plot just becomes so contrived that I can hardly believe I'm still watching the same film. The reenactments of some of Japan's most famous court cases to depict the passing of time was such an inspired idea, as were other aspects of this film, but I just wish the director had quit while he was ahead so I could appreciate this film more.
½ April 16, 2009
The best Japanese movie I've watched this year. Haven't watched Kore-eda's Still Walking yet...not sure if it would be better. But it definitely much better than the Oscar-winning Departure.
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