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Guys and Dolls Quotes

  • Sarah Brown: It's so delicious. That Bacardi flavoring certainly makes a difference.
    Sarah Brown: You know, this would be a wonderful way to get children to drink milk.

  • Big Jule: If it ever gets back to Chicago that I went to a prayer meeting, no decent person will talk to me.

  • Sky Masterson: Because only in Times Square the dawn gets turned on by an electrician.

  • Sarah Brown: What did you order?
    Sky Masterson: Dolce de leche. Dolce is the spanish word for sweet; de means of; and leche means milk.
    Sky Masterson: Dolce de leche. Dolce is the spanish word for sweet. De means of and leche means milk.
    Sarah Brown: Don't they serve it plain?
    Sky Masterson: Well, only in the mornings. It has to do with the heat. You see, at night they put a kind of preservative in it.
    Sarah Brown: That's interesting. What do they use?
    Sky Masterson: Bacardi.
    Sarah Brown: Bacardi - doesn't that have alcohol in it?
    Sarah Brown: Bacardi? Doesn't that have alcohol in it?
    Sky Masterson: Well just enough to keep the milk from turning sour.

  • Sky Masterson: Did it ever occur to you that some people could be all repentance and no sin? You know, I may start a chain of missions to help your kind. "Come all ye repenters and let us bring a little sin into your life."

  • Sarah Brown: I'm prepared to believe that you're the biggest sinner I've ever met in my life!

  • Arvide Abernathy: Oh we can keep you unhappy son; just give us a chance.

  • Sky Masterson: Is it wrong to gamble, or only to lose?

  • Sky Masterson: Daddy - I got cider in my ear.
    Sky Masterson: Daddy, I got cider in my ear.

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