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January 27, 2015
Amazing movie. Amazing actors. Amazing story. This is just a very well thought out, very well made movie. Another movie with a critics score lower than the audience score. I've been seeing more and more of these which begs the question....who are these critics and why do we really need them? Let the audience score be the true indicator. The sample is much larger and therefore a more accurate portrayal of how good, or bad, a movie really is.
½ December 10, 2014
A lot of so bad it's good moments. But it's bad, really bad.
November 16, 2014
Made in a day computers were getting started. Still fits today when you think about it. I thought it was funny they were Ooing and Awing over 28.8bps mode. I'll watch it again.
September 14, 2014
Even being dated now, year later, Hackers is one of my favorites that I constantly rewatch. Though maybe not a technically great movie, the style and characters are fun and who can resist some lovable rebels going against the man and taking down some bad guys.
September 12, 2014
I compare this movie to Sandra Bullocks' "The Net", reasonably good in its day but now heavily dated. Dave Stewart of 'Eurythmics' cameos.
August 2, 2014
the only one of Angelina Jolie's flicks I could stomach
½ July 14, 2014
One of my personal favorites... & all before they (most of the cast) became big.
July 2, 2014
although the plot does not offer any surprises or charm, this cyberpunk sci-fi explores the then-unfamiliar internet world with a fresh and intriguing premise. Half a star is given to its ambition, not bad at all
½ May 26, 2014
The plot and dialogue need work, but if this was remade it would not work, it works thanks to the brilliant cast and the excellent performances of Miller and Jolie, such chemistry is all too rare in the larger Hollywood efforts. That being said, having just re-watched it, I feel it gets better with age. It is one of those movies where the fact that it seems old really plays as a strength, it depicts a time where the internet was in it's infancy and smart phones were a distant dream, and as this movie ages it reflects the fact it's from an almost pre-digital age, truly is remarkable. Give it another try and see what I mean.
May 4, 2014
One of the best movies I've ever seen
½ January 18, 2014
How old is this movie? It has pay phone hacking, dial-up modems, cassette tape recorders, and Fisher Stevens is the biggest star of the film, who's cast includes a 19 year old Angelina Jolie. Up until this point, her biggest credit was "Cyborg 2," a sequel to a Jean Claude Van Damme film, where JCVC didn't even appear the even worse sequel. Even though this film isn't all that good, I do remember thinking at the time, "that chick with the short hair is really awesome!" When I was a video store clerk, this was a favorite film of mine to put on, not because it was a good movie, but because it had a good soundtrack and wasn't rated R. The film really hasn't gotten any better with age, other than the quaintness of the technology and Seeing Angelina Jolie in a before-they-were-famous role. The film does have a solid cast that includes Jonny Lee Miller, Jesse Bradford, Matthew Lillard, Lorraine Bracco, Marc Anthony, Penn Jillette, and Felicity Huffman. Overall, it has the quaint early internet charm of "Wargames" but the film is populated by an irritating group of young people, is ridiculously over directed, and has just about every young people vs old people film cliche in existence. Still, there's enough good to make the film watchable, but I'm not going to give it any more credit than "watchable".
January 7, 2014
This is literally one of the best movies I've ever seen. Almost every line of the movie is memorable, and every player really seems to get into their character. It's theatrical and kinda goofy.
December 15, 2013
They can break any code and get inside any system. They are often still in their teens and already under surveillance by the authorities. They are the hackers. Zero Cool - real name Dade Murphy (Johnny Lee Miller) - is a legend among his peers. In 1988 he single-handedly crashed 1507 computers on Wall Street and was forbidden by law to touch another keyboard until his 18th birthday. It's been seven years without a byte.. And he's hungry. Kate Libby, handle Acid Burns (Angelina Jolie), has a souped up lap-top that can do 0 to 60 on the infobahn in a nanosecond. When the two collide, the battle of the sexes goes into hard drive.But all bets are off when master hacker The Plague frames Dade, Kate and their friends in a diabolical industrial conspiracy. Now they are the only ones who can prevent a catastrophe.. Unlike any the world has ever seen.

also star Renoly Santiago, Matthew Lillard, Laurence Mason, Jesse Bradford, Fisher Stevens, Lorraine Bracco, Alberta Watson, Penn Jillette, Wendell Pierce, Marc Anthony, Michael Gaston, Felicity Huffman, Darren Lee, Peter Y. Kim andMax Ligosh

directed by Iain Softley.
November 17, 2013
total BS but i still love it and The sound track is pretty good
November 10, 2013
I think this is one of those old skool films you had to have seen for the first time when you were younger. I enjoyed it, don't get me wrong, I just feel I would have enjoyed it more if I had seen it nearer the release date. It's a great story, I like that the 'hackers' aren't the bad guys in the film etc. There's a brilliant cast of characters, the chemistry between Jolie and Miller is electric. It's smart and sassy and fun, not even too outdated and has an AMAZING soundtrack!
½ November 5, 2013
Everything you need to know about 1995. One of the oddest movie experiences I've had in a while.
September 11, 2013
fantastic movie for making fun of with where technology is today. but still love this movie.
½ August 25, 2013
I remember liking this movie when I first saw it a while back. Age has not been kind to it. Funny to think someone thought that was how computers worked. Pretty simple story, bad dude wants to cause chaos so he blames it on an unsuspecting innocent person and his friends work together to save him and the day. Some high points are this film has gone to the camp realm and Angelina is great in a early role. Otherwise, not worth seeing again.
½ June 20, 2013
Hackers is another decent film. It is about a young boy who is arrested by the US Secret Service for writing a computer virus and is banned from using a computer until his 18th birthday. Jonny Lee Miller and Angelina Jolie give good performances. The script is a little slow in places. Iain Softley did an alright job directing this movie. I liked this motion picture because of the action.
May 30, 2013
I used to not like this movie very much but now I find the hacking cliches, corniness, and the complete misrepresentation of hacking kind of funny.
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