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Jiu pin zhi ma guan bai mian bao qing tian (Hail the Judge) Reviews

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½ December 19, 2014
Another comedy from Stephen Chow which is good enough. Young boy wish to be a judge to catch the corrupt ones but is scolded by the mother, because his father is a corrupt judge. So he change his wish to be a corrupt judge. Years later he is one small time corrupt judge Stephen. Ng Man-Tat is his adviser. Lawrence Ng is an ace lawyer fighting for a rich businessman. The man actually attempt to rape a woman and the husband stop him in time. Lawrence bribe Stephen and change the case to the woman try to seduce the businessman. Nobody in town likes Stephen. He saw Sharla Cheung married to a sick man and then invited by the rich father for the wedding. Elvis Tsui is the capital constable chasing bunch of thugs to the wedding. Stephen manage to trick him to a trap hole and send him to jail. Collin Chou kills the whole family of 13 of Sharla in-laws. He chase after a servant John Ching and Stephen get his men to stop him. During trial, Collin says he is the son of a high rank official. Stephen see Sharla so pitiful and don't give face. Sharla is raped by Collin and the cousin knew about it. Collin kills her and then her husband, later everybody. The time reporter is knock unconscious. Lawrence bribe Stephen with loads of silver just for Collin grandma to see him. The father Ku Feng enter to talk to him and with the help of Lawrence, they change all the corpse to poisoned and fix the bodies with stakes. Next morning, the original judge returned and Stephen cannot help. Everything is turn against Sharla and the eye witnesses all been bribed. John says he has a relationship with Sharla. Now it becomes Sharla buys rat poison put into the dessert poison everyone, try to seduce Collin but fail when he saw her and John have affair. Lawrence also tell the judge Stephen is bribed. Sharla is also pregnant and Lawrence add on the husband is a sick man so cannot impregnant woman. The judge sentence her guilty. Sharla won't forgive Stephen for been corrupt. Stephen and Ng go back to scene to check the corpse and found out the poison is only at throat not at stomach so it is forced down after death. And also the stakes holding the corpse erect. Ku anticipated their moves and catch them, destroy the corpse. Stephen is sentence to jail. He let Sharla see him in jail and she realise her mistake. Sharla says the husband is actually healing well after using the family medicine recipe. Ng pretend to be witness but send Ru Hua to jail break him. He go back home to see his dying father, who give him a half biscuit to go to capital to seek help from an old friend whom he help before. He tell Stephen to be even more cunning than a corrupt judge if he want to be a good one. The corrupt judge freed Elvis to kill Stephen. He manage to escape to a troupe performers boat and disguise as woman. In the group is Christy Chung who know he is guy and likes him for been heroic. Ng found Stephen and off they go to capital. They found the benefactor but he is in cahoot with Ku. So the duo is stuck in capital. Stephen act as rich man, goes to a brothel to eat. Ada Choi found out he is a phoney and the mamasan Yuan Qiongdan makes him a gigolo for 3 months to pay off debts. Stephen witness how powerful Yuan is during quarrel and practise the skills. After weeks he even manage to defeat her. Ada likes Stephen gradually. Elvis has reach the capital and he want to get fresh with Ada. Then he hides under the bed when another high official Gabriel Wong wants her. Then another high official want Ada and Gabriel also hide under the bed. The 3 decide to play prank and chase off the last man. Stephen know Gabriel is the emperor. He use this chance to report the case and he promote him to highest grand judge. Elvis become Stephen bodyguard. Ku summon Yuan to identify Stephen if he works in brothel and she says no. Gabriel allows him to re-trial the case. Stephen insult Lawrence till he retreats. He got one up when he says the dessert after putting in the rat poison becomes harden so how can anybody eat. The log book of the poison store also reveal that the poison imported amount is less than what he accuse Sharla has bought. Elvis says the corpses shows that they have fractures and must be done by kung fu expert. Lawrence quickly defend Collin says he don't know kung fu. Collin god uncle is chief eunuch Lau Shun who is favourite of the empress dowager. He came with the royal vest for Collin which nobody can touch except emperor himself. Stephen insult Lau till he is breathless. Backstage, Ng and Elvis pretend to kill those who give fake story. John says he is illiterate. Sharla is about to give birth and everyone vote for her to do so. The time keeper reveal the truth and he is been bribed. Stephen give John a poem to read but its different from the one he read before. He also stripe off his pants to reveal he is also a eunuch but no money to go capital. Lau quickly accuse them of bribery and beat them unconscious. The baby is born. Stephen use the blood identify for Collin and baby. The blood mix together and he accidentally reveal how can Sharla be pregnant after one day. Turns out the baby is his real son because the wife came over. Lau slap him and don't want to help him. Collin seize him as hostage. Elvis fight him and push him to the tiger decapitator and cut his head. Stephen don't work as judge anymore and open a successful medicine hall using the family recipe of Sharla. He marry Christy and Ada.
January 21, 2013
Not particularly a masterpiece but the way they swear is unbelievably funny
March 15, 2010
Western audience might feel unfamiliar with Stephen Chow's Hongkong style slapstick. And there are so many references to eastern moralities in here. And he inserted his jokes in between really well
September 20, 2009
A hidden gem from Stephen Chow. In this courtroom kung-fu drama Chow plays a corrupted judge being framed on several felonies and escaping from his village to go on a lonely search for a righteous path. On his quest he learns to master his tongue and returns to his village to be the champion of the courtroom. In this flick the battles are not fought with punches and kicks but with bitching and quarreling. Unbelievably silly and very, very funny.
½ May 8, 2009
punyalah panjang nama cita cek2 'hail the judge' jak.
April 27, 2009
Whaaa... See.. The Lawyer....
½ February 25, 2009
everybody can be herooo..
Super Reviewer
February 18, 2009
kung fu hustle and shaolin soccer might be well known to a lot of people, but Hail the Judge is one of Chow's best movies before he became an international star. sure the story can get a bit confusing, but the laughs that come with it are definitely worth watching for any fan of Chows more recent work
½ January 29, 2009
i have watched it for a thousand times
½ December 11, 2008
Really funny. Although very cliche.
September 22, 2008
I loved this one, early 90s were Stephen Chow at his best.
August 28, 2008
Wow they talk so fast. My cantonese is so bad, do I didn't get most of it, lol. Not bad tho, same good ol' Stephen Chow as always!
½ August 28, 2008
?????, 好精?
索?索, ??根活骼
June 19, 2008
½ May 18, 2008
really laugh burst when i watched it in the cinema, again, i can recite.
½ May 7, 2008
Needless to comment, one of the old time favorite!
May 3, 2008
Jiu pin zhi ma guan bai mian bao qing tian...
½ April 28, 2008
One of the typical Stephen Chow's comedies in 1990s. A movie showed Sharla Cheung could actually act too.
March 20, 2008
I use this movie to practice all my Swearing.And also leaned how to qurrel with other bad guys from this movie. I am confident to do this thing if someone bad, I am worse. So if someone want to hurt me. He he I will promise you that I will send you to heaven and let you become a beautiful Angel.
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