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April 24, 2011
Remember watching this as a kid.. Wish I could find the dvd
August 7, 2010
Coach Modeau (Scott Hylands), of Notre Dame High School in Portland, Oregon, is pushing his football team
hard to win the upcoming city championship game. It will be the perfect opportunity for his son, Craig Z.,
known as ?Crazy? (Gabriel Hogan), to win a college football scholarship, something the sports-mad father
dreamed of but never achieved for himself.
A juggernaut on the football field, Crazy is something of a misfit off of it. Clumsy, hulking and shy, he is the
butt of his classmates' sly humor. Archie (Allen Cutler), the rich quarterback hero, takes special delight in
poking fun at Crazy, particularly at how much the halfback eats.
The arrival of Esmeralda (Emmanuelle Vaugier), a kind, intelligent and beautiful French exchange student, jolts
Crazy out of his misery. She opens his eyes to other interests, including playing the piano, for which he has a
surprising talent. Even though she is dating the rich and popular Archie, Crazy gradually falls under her spell,
and he begins to wonder if there is more to life than playing footlball.
Archie isn't the only one who regards Crazy's growing friendship with Esmeralda as a threat. Coach Modeau,
seeing his son's chances of fame and glory on the gridiron in jeopardy, tries to stop the two young people
seeing one another. His ultimatum that Crazy give up the piano and quit spending time with Esmeralda forces
the young man's hand. Crazy, to everyone's consternation, quits the team just before the big game.
September 22, 2009
very cute movie. Typical 90s movie adapted from Victor Hugo's classic.
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